Animals Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch Carnivorous Sea Creatures Feast On A Giant School Of Sardines

The ocean is filled with uncertainty and survival is never guaranteed. If you’re someone who fears the ocean, this video will give you another reason to stay out of the water.

The award winning series Planet Earth has always captured the most incredible natural phenomena in stunning high definition, with pristine detail. Now, thanks to a recently uploaded clip found on the BBC Earth YouTube page, the Internet got to witness a feverish feeding frenzy, that provided a first hand look at what goes on beneath the surface when the locals get hangry.

This aquatic battle started with some sea lions, trying to corner a school of thousands of sardines, which swim in circles, close to the surface, to avoid being caught. Interestingly enough, the sea lions can’t get the upper hand, without the help of additional predators.

Soon, tuna, diving sea birds, dolphins, and sharks start to join the party — quickly turning this necessary ritual of survival into an oceanic episode of Game of Thrones. Then, at the peak of the battle a giant whale comes into frame — swallowing countless sardines in one swift gulp.

The intensity of this clip showcases the instinctual efforts animals will put forth to work together to help ensure survival, proving that hunger’s grip on any creature will induce varied sorts of frenzy.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Bear Grylls And Courteney Cox Eat Maggots From A Boiled Sheep’s Testicle

In his new NBC series, Running Wild, Bear Grylls gets to go on exciting new adventures, just like he did on Man Vs. Wild, only this time he’s bringing along well-known celebrities on long journeys that demand extreme physical endurance and mental focus to overcome one’s greatest fears. It’s almost comical to see how insanely frightened celebrities become when they lose control of their comfort zone — especially when it comes to their diets — out in the wilderness.

In a recent episode of Running Wild, Bear brings Courteney Cox into the Irish Highlands and she loses it real quick. Things are going semi-smoothly, up until Bear discovers a dead sheep that drowned in a shallow bog. Bear explains that bogs are dangerous due to real-life quicksand beneath the surface, making it difficult for animals to escape.

They drag the rotting sheep out of the bog and Bear decides to gut it, revealing a large maggot infestation. However, it’s when Bear decides to show Courtney that maggots are edible and carry more protein than beef, that Courteney begins to flip.


“Pound for pound maggots have more protein than beef, so when I see maggots, even though it stinks, there’s a little part of me that gets quite excited.” — Bear Grylls

After gutting the sheep, Bear asks Courteney to cut off the sheep’s testicle sack so he can carry the maggots inside — like a pouch.


After building a makeshift shelter, Bear boils the the maggot filled sack. Although Courtney wasn’t thrilled about eating a maggot, she promised Bear she would and eventually threw one back and washed it down with water.


After realizing how agonizing this challenge was, Courteney’s normally cheerful personality, seemed to shutdown as she went into full-survival mode. At one point, suggesting she’d rather eat a, “ball sack full of maggots,” before continuing on the journey.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.41.57 PM

However, both Bear and Courteney survived this Running Wild challenge. In the end, although it was an excruciating journey, Courteney seemed to appreciate how she was able to accomplish something she didn’t believe she could do.


Meet the 27-Year-Old Who’s Survived the Last Four Months Without Eating Food


Meet Alex Webber. He’s a 27-year-old San Francisco-based techie who works in cyber security for Robert Half, a human resource consulting firm. Like most workers, Webber works the typical 9-5 schedule. However, there’s one thing about Webber’s lifestyle that differs from his peersfor the last four months, he’s been surviving without eating food.

Well, sort of. Webber drinks Soylent, an FDA-approved powdered drink that’s advertised as a meal replacement. It supposedly provides all the necessary nutrients for the average adult. It also has a long ingredients list.


Soylent was first invented in 2013 by software engineer Rob Rhinehart and has since garnered a lot of interest from investors. In January 2015, the company raised $20 million in a Series A funding round, led by top venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Webber told NextShark that his decision to start eating only Soylent was purely to save time and money:

“I heard a friend of mine talking about Soylent about six or seven months ago, and it sounded like a crazy idea. I can’t really cook at all and was buying fast food all the time and spending a lot of money; it was ridiculous. When you get other people to cook for you, you have to pay a premium for that. I was paying $8-$10 per meal, three meals a day, and that adds up.

“Food is like putting gas into your car. You need food to give you energy to get thru the day. So, when I moved to Emeryville, I decided to take the plunge and see if I could save a little bit of money since the rent was higher.”

After researching on forums and seeing others making it work, Webber immediately ordered a month’s supply of Soylent and dove right in. A month’s supply cost $225, which is less than $10 a day for food, according to Webber.


“You consume Soylent 48 hours after you open the package and putting it into water and mixing it up, so I have boxes of the dry powder in my closet.  Every night I go into my kitchen and open up a package and mix the powder and water in the big pitcher and shake it up. Then I’m ready to go for the next day. It takes no space in my refrigerator at all.


“I have BPA-free shaker bottles, and they give you a big pitcher with your starter kit.  I just mix it up in the pitcher and then pour it into two shaker bottles and put them into my backpack when I go to work. I sip on the shaker bottles throughout the day whenever I’m a little bit hungry or feel like I need some energy, and I’m good to go.”


Webber says that eating three portions per day is not enough. He’s “done away with traditional meal structure” and just drinks out of the two shaker bottles whenever he feels hungry throughout the day.

One of the questions many people have for Webber is “What’s going to the restroom like when all you eat is Soylent?” Webber told NextShark:

“There are forums on Reddit where people talk about their experiences.  It’s not a perfect food. It doesn’t all get absorbed into your bloodstream. I heard that 99% of the waste from your body is gut flora or bacteria. The waste from drinking Soylent is soft and is a light beige color.”


One Soylent forum user described his poop experience while on the Soylent diet as “kind of unpredictable and it always seems to look exactly like soylent does when going in.” — how’s that for a visual?

While Webber says he hasn’t encountered any negative side effects from his lifestyle, he advises Soylent consumers to make sure they stay hydrated.

“I would get headaches when I did not drink enough water because I was dehydrated.  With powdered food, it’s a little bit different. You have to compensate for the water by drinking more. It’s a big issue for a lot of people who have complained about getting headaches or constipation because they don’t drink enough water. The amount of water that you mix with Soylent is only half the amount of water that you need per day, so you need to make sure that you drink enough water.”


“I had gas issues for the first few days but my body adjusted in a week.  After that, it has been pretty good. The taste is not the greatest; it tastes like watered down oatmeal.  Somebody who really loves the taste of food will miss that.

“But, I’m pretty energized and I have lost five pounds in the last three months. My body composition is better. I don’t have as big a gut anymore.”

Recently, Soylent has been sued by a watchdog group for allegedly violating California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. The claim says that the company has failed to “provide sufficient warning to consumers of lead and cadmium levels in the Soylent 1.5 product.” Soylent has refuted these claims, and the case is currently ongoing.


When asked about what he thinks of the suit, Webber said:

“It definitely got my attention. I’ll need to do more research on lead toxicity levels and cadmium as well as that is worrisome. Living in California though, I see the Prop 65 warnings all the time so perhaps it is a very low threshold.”

Webber is still living off of Soylent as of the release date of this article. He says he has not been to the doctor once since he started four months ago. Soylent plans to release their new formula, Soylent 2.0, on October 15. The new product will replace rice with soy as the beverage’s main protein source along with “farm-free algae sources.”

Written by Editorial Staff, Nextshark


New York Artist Turns Doomsday Prepper by Serving Gourmet Rats for $100 a Pop

It’s almost August now, which means we’re about 2/3 of the way through the year or 2/3 of the way closer to the zombie apocalypse, so it might be a good idea for us to all to step back, take a breather and cut a page from the book of artist Laura Ginn – who recently served a $100-a-head gourmet dinner made almost entirely from rats.

Yes, you read that right. $100. For rats.

As part of a photography and performance event called “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch,” a group of about twenty New Yorkers got the chance to sup on a succulent meal of rat and pork paté and braised and grilled rodent carcass, among other ratty incarnations.

Ginn’s Kickstarter page explains: “I’ve spent the past year and a half working on a new project exploring self-sufficiency in an urban environment,” Ginn writes. From building her own shelters to making her own leather from actual animal skins, Ginn has tapped into our hunter-gatherer roots and perhaps provided diners the key to making it out of 2012 alive.

Granted, the 75 rats used to create the meal weren’t your average NYC bottom feeders and were in fact delivered cleaned and frozen from a medical facility in California. But the “post-apocalyptic hunter-gatherer feast” still managed to both gross out and engross, even when served on a goat cheese crostini or as a jerky slice dessert on French toast.

For just $2000, you can have your very own private dinner made from Master Splinter’s cousins; $5000 will get you a private dinner for four.


[Via HuffPo]