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Food Surgeon Performs Delicious Surgical Procedure On This Piece Of Licorice

The Food Surgeon is a master of his oddly niche craft. That’s for sure. You may remember him cutting open a 3 Musketeers Bar and placing a Kit Kat Bar perfectly inside it.

In his latest video, performing a surgery that every single individual at the Foodbeast office fears, the YouTuber cuts open a clogged grape-flavored Red Vines’ artery and removes a piece of Nerds from inside. He then patches it up with some Fruit Roll-Ups.

While the task doesn’t sound life-changing, the beauty lies in how the video is shot. With the macro images of the procedure and the metallic audio void of music, it’s a haunting visual experience.

Check out the surgery and see for yourself.

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This Watch Was Built To Hold A Tiny Meal Inside

After waiting for what felt like an eternity, somebody finally decided to start putting food inside of accessories. One Kyoto-based company called Takii Seeds may give Apple and its highly advanced watch a run for their money.

The company has created a watch that contains a tiny amount of food in it for when you need a small snack on the go. Although the hungry man in me is stoked about this invention, the practical part of me sees that, alas, the watch is just as ridiculous as the Apple Watch, only in a much different but equally grand way.

In order to make the watch both perfect and functional, Takii Seeds brought in several professionals at their crafts, including a master watch craftsman for the design, a plastic surgeon to cut the food into tiny, proper pieces, a diorama expert to arrange the food inside the watch, and a very popular chef to cook the food. The watch even comes with two tiny, extendable chopsticks.

Unfortunately, this watch was only done as a publicity stunt and is not for sale, nor is it even being manufactured. Let’s just hope that my plans for whiskey-filled cufflinks get greenlit.



Photo Credit: Kotaku, First We Feast


This Surgeon Carefully Places A Kit Kat Inside A 3 Musketeers Bar With Uncanny Precision [WATCH]

The YouTuber known as The Food Surgeon has the uncanny ability to Frankenstein together a variety of different snacks into one delicious abomination.

You may remember he swapped the peanut butter from a Reese’s cup with creme from an Oreo about a month ago.

Now, he’s at it again by surgically combining a Kit Kat bar with a 3 Musketeers Bar. Watch as he operates on the two conviencience store chocolates with surgical precision by removing the filling from the 3 Musketeers to insert the Kit Kat.

It’s haunting and beautiful.