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Daym Drops Gives His ‘Super Official’ Take On Bugs [UNBOXED]

Daym Drops is a good friend of ours at Foodbeast, and is known for giving “Super Official” YouTube reviews about almost anything when it comes to fast food. He’s proclaimed KFC to have the world’s best flavored chicken and given hilarious reviews of items like the McSurf & Turf Burger.

So when Daym Drops came out to California for a bit, we decided to greet him in the craziest way possible: by feeding him bugs.

In the latest episode of “Unboxed,” our very own Elie Ayrouth and Daym came together to try a sampling of gourmet insect snacks. Bugs don’t sound like the tastiest things in the world to eat, but the team behind these insect delicacies knows what they’re doing.

The snacks that Elie and Daym tried are from Don Bugito, a small San Francisco-based company that makes snacks out of food-grade crickets and mealworms. Eating bugs, of course, usually comes with an ick factor that drives a lot of people away, but covering them with something like chocolate or spices to improve the flavor usually helps people out in trying these snacks.

If you’re down to try bugs, or just wanna see Daym Drops give some deep and hilarious thoughts on eating the critters, go ahead and watch the video. It won’t bug you out, trust me.