Superman Pizza

Some times food looks so good, so well-constructed, and so creative it just brings a tear to my eye. In the case of the always talented Mirko, the mind behind personal food blog Fat and Tasty, he’s truly making me cry with this Superman Pizza. The dough is in the shape of the iconic silhouette, cheese is obviously in attendance, and thin sausage slices make the “S” on the chest.

I’m super curious as to how Mirko ended up slicing this bad boy up. How would you do it if you had the chance? Slice it into quarters? Maybe long, horizontal stripes (shorter obviously as you get towards the bottom’s narrow point). Here’s a look at the pizza prior to the oven:



Super Pick-Up Lines Pint Glass

Ladies, you’ve probably heard every line in the book. But those were the same old cliches being told by jerks NOT holding a Superman pint glass. Before you start heading for the door, check out some of these classy gems:

“My x-ray vision tells me you’ve been working out.”


“Wanna see why they call me the man of steel?”

This glass has charming lines like those printed on the surface so that, even in a state of complete inebriation, you’ll be able to dole out some serious game, Superman style. You’re welcome.

($8 @ Neatoshop)


DC Super Hero Coasters

Rescue your hardwood tabletops from the corrosion caused by beverage moisture with these super hero coasters. 4 glass coasters. 4 iconic super heroes from the universe of Detective Comics. You have Batman, Superman, the Green Lantern and Wonder Woman logos to choose from. Now you can save your table from the world…or your drink perspiration. ($13 @ Neatoshop)


Pic of the Day: Superman Jelly Bean Mosiac

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