Awesome Book of Restaurant Check Art is the Best Thing to Happen to the Bill Since Tips for Jesus


Some customers are douchebags who hide the bill under upside-down glasses of water. Others do this.

Check Please! is a newly released hardcover featuring nifty artwork from over fifty different artists, all done on restaurant check pads, because it’s important to find beauty even in the most soul-crushing of places.


Says John “Super Ugly” Williams, the man behind the collection:

Growing up I would sit around drawing on any scrap of paper and notepad I could find. Before becoming a full time artist, I waited tables and I would find myself doodling on the Guest Checks they gave us to take your order on. Some of my brightest ideas were sketched on a Guest Check.


So he went around asking fellow artists to do the same. The result is a grand, grungy collection of space aliens, Adventure Time characters, and Victorian maids eating live Kraken eggs. In other words, an oddly fitting tribute to the whole waiting experience. Snag your own little ode to weirdness for just $20 at the Check Please website, or check out the Guest Check blog.

H/T Nerdalicious