Fast Food

‘Grandpa Goes Wild’ and Vandalizes Football Stadium in New Taco Bell Super Bowl Ad


Taco Bell’s new Super Bowl ad plays up their “Live Más” slogan, featuring 87 year-old Bernie Goldblatt letting loose on a football field in a suped-up motorized scooter. Note: The sheer joy on his face as he throws his hands into the air, breathing in the sheer exhilaration of life is priceless.

The commercial takes “viewers on an unforgettable night depicting that anyone at any age can LIVE MÁS,” explains Taco Bell PR. The 60-second teaser includes shots of “Grandpa” careening around posts, knocking over water coolers and escaping security while stunting wheelies — check 0:42.

The full commercial will follow Goldblatt and his friends gallivanting in the night while the band fun.’s song “We are Young” plays in the background. In Spanish, of course.

Oh, Taco Bell.