The Football Drinking Game You Shouldn’t Play This Sunday


Sick of pansy drinking games that require you to take a baby sip every time you look through the 10-page rulebook? Real drinking games should be easy and have you plastered and grasping the earth for dear life by halftime.


Guess the Super Bowl Coin Toss & Win a Free Papa John’s Pizza


In honor of Super Bowl XLVII, Papa John’s is giving people the chance to win a free large, one topping pizza. All you need to do is correctly guess the Super Bowl coin toss, or if you want to be really tricky, grab a friend and someone can guess heads while the other guesses tails. Either way, you’ll be sitting pretty with a warm, greasy pizza.

Just tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 3rd to see if you’ve won. The lucky winners will receive an email containing a promotional code by midnight (PST) the following day and lets be real, you’ll probably need some comfort food after losing all your money betting on that one team . . .

Get the deets on how to win a free pizza here.

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“The Counter” Burger Bar…May Have a Serious Gambling Problem This Super Bowl Sunday

Founded in 2003, The Counter has spent almost the last decade cementing itself as one of the go-to high end fast casual build-your-own-burger restaurant chains in the United States (they’re in Ireland too). This year, the custom burger house wants some of that Super Bowl day money, and they’ve come up with a deal hoping to position themselves against myriad of folks who will be ordering up pizza and wings.

What can a sit-down restaurant offer? Well think of a taco cart…but a Burger Bar. That’s right, The Counter will offer up a gourmet burger spread, delivered straight to your home, for your friends to customize their own burger.

The way the bar works is simple. Fill out a Burger Bar order form (pictured below, and available on The Counter website), determine how many people will be eating and participating, mix and match your proteins (beef, chicken, turkey, veggie patty), choose your cheeses, sides, sauces and buns, and call or fax your order to your local The Counter location for pick-up or delivery.

Cool, right? Right.

What makes this event more interesting? The Counter is setting a wager with their customers. For everyone ordering the Burger Bar to be delivered on game day, Sunday February 5th, you’re up for a possible free food party. If the 2nd half kickoff is returned for a touchdown, then all Burger Bar orders placed for that Sunday will be FREE.

Super interesting gamble. The likelihood of a returned kickoff isn’t high, obviously, but for the avid gambler, this might be a prop bet worth taking…if you were going to get the Burger Bar anyway.

Deal Specifics:

Only people who order the Burger Bar from the following locations/regions qualify for the free Burger Bar wager: 

  • Los Angeles area
  • Orange County
  • Houston
  • Northern California 
  • New York City 
  • Reston, VA