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Cards Against Humanity Aired A Genius Super Bowl Ad – Of A Potato

Cards Against Humanity is known for their ridiculous marketing stunts that seem to just make no sense. They once made $500,000 by selling nothing, and even raised over $100,573 in donations to dig the biggest hole they possibly could.

Their Super Bowl marketing scheme, however, is one of the craziest – and funniest – things I’ve ever seen.

The company aired a commercial in the Midwest during the pregame, and it was literally just a single potato with the word “ADVERTISEMENT” written on it. That was it. No music, no movement, no glitz, no glamour. A sole potato, sitting in front of a single camera, for 30 seconds.

Of course, nobody had any idea what was going on at the time, and Twitter was filled with confused tweets about what everyone just saw.

After the big game, Cards Against Humanity came out with a blog post on Medium admitting to creating the advertisement, and explaining their “thinking” behind it. (Of course, this was just the follow-up joke to create an intricate story of hilarity that only Cards Against Humanity could pull off).

The post displayed stories of advertising agencies, graphs about consumer preference of potatoes, and even the process behind choosing the right potato for the ad. Of course, nobody knew what the ad was about, so it didn’t do much to gain attention for the company when it aired.

“While we succeeded creatively, the advertisement showed a disappointing return on investment ($0), and we are now going out of business.”

(They’re not really going out of business.)

Cards Against Humanity then closed with a message on what they were really going for in their entire marketing scheme, from ad to follow-up post:

“At Cards Against Humanity, we believe that you can only become a master by trying and failing. In this way, failure is life’s greatest teacher; failure is actually success. At Cards Against Humanity, we fail all the time. We are veterans of failure. And constant failure, plus unlimited capital, is what led us to greatness.”

What was seen as a confusing and stupid commercial is now being heralded on the Twitterverse as brilliant and amazing.

I don’t know if this “new form” of advertising will catch on, but for a company as out-of-the-box as Cards Against Humanity? Yea, it totally works.


JELL-O’s Surprise Commercial Announces Free Pudding for San Francisco


Just when you thought all the Super Bowl commercials were over, JELL-O surprised us all with one of the more charming spots that Sunday had to offer: a commercial dedicated to San Francisco’s loss.

Rest assured, it wasn’t a jab at the 49ers’ city, but a notice that on Tuesday, JELL-O will be giving away free pudding to several drop sites throughout the city. The brand is cheerfully congratulating San Francisco…”bringing you the sweet taste of pudding to mask the bitter taste of defeat.” A complete list of locations and how to get an early coupon is available on the micro-site, and the commercial can be seen in its entirety below:


Oikos Super Bowl Commercial Starring John Stamos [BEHIND THE SCENES]

Did you know that this year’s Super Bowl be home to the first ever commercial for a yogurt brand? Neither did we…but we know now!

What makes it even more interesting? It will be starring our favorite sitcom uncle, Uncle Jesse…err…John Stamos. The freshly announced Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt commercial will air during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVI, just over a week away. While you’ll have to wait a few more days until the actual commercial airs, we have some behind-the-scenes footage of the actual commercial shoot.

The ad spot was directed by 21-year old Remy Neymarc, possibly the youngest professional Super Bowl Ad Director in History (Guiness World Records might look into acknowledging this). The pretty actress sharing screen time with Stamos goes by the name Jessica Blackmore, and depending upon the commercial’s reception, could get some major positive exposure into the future.


The Lonely Island and Doritos’ Super Bowl Contest

Despite the Super Bowl being a few months away, Doritos is kicking off its Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest with Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island.

The contest, where participants are asked to film their own Doritos commercial for a chance to be featured on a TV spot during the Super Bowl as well as cash prizes up to $1 million, will be kicked off by an ad created by the SNL parody music group The Lonely Island. Fans will decide the winner of the contest by voting on the Doritos website and if The Lonely Island’s commercial is declared the winner, the group has promised to donate the winnings to charity. If, however, they are do not win the contest The Lonely Island has stated that they will collaborate with the winners on a future to-be-disclosed Doritos project.

You can get more information about the Crash the Super Bowl contest at Doritos’ official website here.

(via The Palm Beach Post)