Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

KFC Wants You To Look Extra Crispy With Their New Sunscreen That Smells Like Chicken

It’s well-known that KFC loves to stay ahead of the trends. A few months ago, the company introduced edible nail polish in Hong Kong, and shortly after, KFC India released a portable meal box that actually charges your phone, called Watt-A-Box.

While the previous items were released outside of the U.S., the brand’s latest promo item seems to target the American beach loving demographic.

From now on, KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen will be the first item on your beach day packing list. However, KFC wants you to know that while this product will give the user UV protection — SPF 30 — KFC’s Extra Crispy Sunscreen is NOT edible, according to its website.

KFC debuted their new cosmetic product via Twitter on Aug. 22, but at the time of this report, KFC’s corresponding website ran a disclaimer explaining that supplies had ran out, but remains confident customers can, “still look at it.” In fact, KFC fine print revealed that supplies were very limited.

However, that didn’t discourage Twitter users from immediately jumping on the Extra Crispy bandwagon. Twitter user, Chris W., said he’ll be blasting the, “good stuff” all over his body, soon.

KFC Sunscreen OutWe are really looking forward to eating a bucket of KFC Extra Crispy, on the beach, while using the Watt-A-Box to charge our phone, tweeting with our KFC nail-polished fingers, about how delicious KFC’s Extra Crispy Sun Screen smells.


Conceal Your Booze in This Sunscreen Flask


Carrying a flask in public is usually a no no. It’s a weird, judgmental world.  But luckily, the folks over at Smuggle Your Booze have come up with a genius way to tote liquor this summer — the Sunscreen Flask Bottle.

Made to look like any standard lotion tube, this super sly contraption holds 8 oz of alcohol without anyone ever knowing. Let’s say you’re attending a summer music festival where outside alcohol isn’t allowed and drinks are way overpriced. Cue this guy. Because who’s going to stop you from bringing sun protection into an event? Exactly.

This sneaky tube will most likely work in your favor, so long as you don’t drink straight out of it. That might raise suspicions.

Sunscreen Flask

Sunscreen Flask Bottle, $10 @Amazon

H/T Supercompressor, Picthx Amazon


Company Claims to Invent World’s First Drinkable Sunscreen


There are few things better than a picnic on the beach. There are few things worse than getting sand in said picnic. One of those things, is finally reaching for a perfect, sand-free sandwich, only to find that it taste of sunscreen from your hands. Blech.

Well the days of using sunscreen on our skin might soon be a thing of the past.  Harmonised H20 UV claims to be the world’s first drinkable sunscreen, with up to 30 SPF protection.  Just drink it up, then lay out in the sun without worrying about a burn.

Supposedly once it’s ingested and has a chance to move through the body, the sunscreen’s liquid molecules vibrate on your skin and cancel out 97% of UVA and UVB rays.

Of course, none of these claims have been approved by the FDA so…..

Also you have to wait an hour after ingesting before going out in the sun. On second thought, it might just be better to have a sunscreen-flavored sandwich by the water. We’ll stop fussing, ma.

H/T Daily Mail + Picthx Deb444