Skull-Shaped Egg Mold Makes for Macabre Mornings


We’re you in the market for something to match that spooky skull-shaped pancake mold? Well, we may have a winner, folks. This neat little frame allows you to mold your eggs to look like an adorable little skull so that way you can munch on eggs and symbolically conquer your fear of death at the same time!

Simply crack open two eggs into the the rings and soon you’ll be feasting on the most macabre of breakfasts. Just make sure to serve it with a side of bacon. Mmm, death never tasted so delicious.

Skull Egg Coral @Fred and Friends


Literal ‘Egg Font’ Is the Most Delicious Typography Ever

A few weeks back we came across “Taste the Font” showcasing what some popular fonts would look like in food form. Well, now the tables have turned as Handmade Font has brought food into letter form. Ladies and gents, you can now type with Egg font. Like, the real deal.

The Estonia-based company created these designs with actual eggs (1,000 of them, to be exact), all complete with picture perfect yolks. It only took three hours and a few burnt fingers to complete the whole typography set.

Egg font is now ready for purchase over at Handmade Font for $70. Sure it’s a little steep for a font, but can you really put a price tag on sunnyside up emails? (Nope.)

Eggs Font, $70 @Handmade Font

PicThx Handmade Font


Hardcore Egg Porn [Safe For Work]

Confession: I’m addicted to Egg Porn.


Catch of the Day: Sriracha Fish


Caught this little bugger on Drool for Food. We lured it in with bacon and toast as bait, then devoured it for breakfast. Poor thing.

This unique specimen is a member of the paraphyletic group of aquatic creatures and falls under as the Sriranatha class of hot sauce. Not much is known about its exact origins or even how many are in existence, but they appear to thrive in areas where eggs and bottles of Sriracha are present.

H/T Drool for Food