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For Some Reason TikTok is Mad About This Sunny D Seafood Boil

@chefjayvoo A Plato Shrimp Boil 🦐🔥 #fyp #ImoniCarly #shrimp #seafood ♬ Jazzy Chill hip hop(881579) – NOBB-D

This viral Sunny D Seafood Boil has the internet mad mad — like real mad. The self-proclaimed “Boil Master” @chefjayvoo uses a childhood favorite drink as the main base for this “platinum juice” boil.

The nostalgic drink, Sunny Delight, markets itself as an orange-flavored citrus punch, with a tangy “one-of-a-kind” orange taste, making this boil nothing short of unique. With the addition of bell peppers, vegetables, garlic, various seasonings and thirty-five pounds of Louisiana shrimp boiled to perfection, you can practically smell it through the phone.

Jarvis, the man behind the hilariously entertaining commentary, has over 3 million followers on TikTok, but despite his popularity, this recipe did not go over well with some for substituting water with Sunny D — mainly for reasons being that Sunny D is primarily corn syrup and less than 2% actual juice. People have felt so strongly about this that the time-honored beverage started trending on Twitter.

Overall, some people agree that using “orange juice” was a good idea to offset the spiciness but most are personally offended. Watch for yourself and smell with your eyes.


Sunny Delight Launches Caffeine and Taurine-Free Energy Drink Called SunnyD X


Maybe brands are realizing older people, not kids, have disposable income, or maybe they’re playing off the whole millennial nostalgia thing. In any case, just like the new Cheerios Protein that launched last week, playground favorite Sunny Delight is getting a post-puberty-inspired makeover, with a new energy drink called SunnyD X.

Available in orange, lemon lime, and fruit punch, the X-citing, X-treme, X-ceptional new fruit-flavored energy drink is carbonated like Monster, but doesn’t rely on scary-ish ingredients like caffeine and taurine to supply the pick-me-up.

“SunnyD X offers more than the intense taste and 100% Vitamin C you would expect. It also offers a different kind of pick me up: carbonated energy that is uniquely provided by a combination of three carbohydrates, as well as seven B-vitamins to help metabolize the carbohydrates into energy,” brand associate marketing director David Zellen, at some unknown point in time, or possibly in a press release, supposedly said.

There’s also 50 grams of sugar per serving in contrast to the 30 grams in original Sunny D, because screw the whole grown-up thing. Find your own orange heart attack in select locations in Boston, Philly, and D.C.

H/T Brand Eating