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Burger King Gets Classy With New Gingerbread Cookie Dessert Goodness


“Classy” as in creamy vanilla swirled in honeyed, sweet gingerbread sauce and garnished with a generous helping of delicious gingersnap cookie crumbles is in a sense, some stylish holiday fast food stuntin’. And dahlin’, that’s just Burger King‘s Gingerbread Cookie Sundae. Their Gingerbread Cookie Shake consists of hand-blended vanilla soft serve with a dose of gingerbread syrup and topped with a sumptuous amount of whip cream and gingersnaps.

Oh, and just for kicks, Burger King will be serving Cinnabon Minibon Rolls baked fresh daily. You know, the same Cinnabon rolls you pass at the mall and feel a jolt of temptation when you get a whiff of their cinnamony, sugary smell.

As with all good things, these sweets will be available for a limited-time only.

Fast Food

Burger King Testing a New Bacon Sundae, Because This is America

From the looks of it, a Nashville, TN Burger King location has some pretty sweet regional menu offerings. Amidst a report of Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, Frozen Lemonades, and Sweet Potato Fries, the location seems to be testing something even more intriguing — a new Bacon Sundae.

The bacon fad is a hot calling card for brands as of late. Denny’s did it before them, Jack in the Box had a bacon milkshake, but from the looks of this spotting out in Nashville, this dessert does something Jack didn’t dare do in his take on bacon desserts — Burger King actually uses bacon.

While no actual shots of the dessert have surfaced, this lawn-sign of BK’s Bacon Sundae shows a mound of what we assume is vanilla soft serve, drizzled in what looks to be chocolate and possibly caramel sauce, bits of bacon sprinkled on top, and a strip of bacon for garnish.

No telling what the actual thing will look or taste like just yet, but for now, at least we know it’s real. Somewhere.

[Via GrubGrade]



JELL-O to Release S’more and Strawberry Sundae Pudding Snacks

JELL-O is ready to make some waves in the flavor department this Spring, and you can thank their new S’more and Strawberry Sundae Pudding Snacks for the wake. Yes, you heard absolutely correctly, JELL-O brand will be releasing two new dual layered and textured puddings that come together to present some seriously nostalgic flavors in a completely portable format.

The S’more version features a creamy chocolate graham flavored pudding and a tasty, whipped marshmallow flavored topping. The Strawberry Sundae version rocks a ‘cool strawberry ice cream’-flavored pudding layered with a sweet strawberry sauce topping.

Both flavors are made with real milk and no artificial sweeteners. According to early information, the new products will be available nationwide this March.


Sundae Towel Treat

Now I’m sure that these towels come arranged just like this — enticing and delicious-looking. I feel, however, that the moment you remove the towel from their carefully placed position, they will never ever look that good again. If I took out one of these towels for use and tried to arrange it back in it’s original place, it’d look like a muddled pile of sadness rather than a delicious dessert treat. Folding towels simply isn’t my calling.

My lack of turn-down service skills aside, these adorable faux desserts arrangements are actually comprised of a 12″ x 12″ and a 8″ x 8″ wash cloth and come in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla color schemes.

($7 @ Neatoshop)


Craving: Hot Beef Sundae

This would not come at the end of the meal for me! Don’t be hypnotized into thinking that is an ice cream sundae, this is actually a hot beef sundae! It consists of mashed potatoes, roast beef, more potatoes and some thick gravy!  I could eat that for lunch and dessert! (Thx SSM)


Food & Beverage Christmas Ornaments

As Thanksgiving passes and we all gear up for the next big holiday; Christmas, what a better way to decorate your tree this year than with Food and Beverage depicted ornaments. You can eat food around the tree, while looking at food on the tree. It’s a win-win situation. Check out some of these great ornaments after the jump. (Thx Bronners)