10 Insane Ice Cream Sundaes Your Summer Body Won’t Regret

Summer’s just around the corner, and you know what that means? Ice cream sundae season. Oh baby. Sugar-crusted brownies, hot fudge, brûléed Twinkies – they’re all fair game when it comes to these sweet treats. Sure the standard caramel sauce is fine, but why settle for that when you can you can make a whisky pecan version?

Whether you’re an indulgent chocolate fiend or err on the side of apple butter cheesecake, these 10 ice cream sundaes are must-makes once the hot weather rolls around. You won’t regret it. Pinky promise.


Irish Coffee Sundae

Irish Coffee Sundae
What you need: Irish whiskey, coffee ice cream, sugar, heavy cream, whipped cream, salt

Time: 15 minutes

Recipe: Ambrosia


Chocolate Cinnamon Samoa

Chocolate Cinnamon Samoa

What you need: unsweetened chocolate, cocoa, milk, eggs, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla, cinnamon, bittersweet chocolate chips, coconut oil, caramel sauce, coconut

Time: 30 minutes + freezing time

Recipe: Melanie Makes


Chocolate-Coconut & Mixed Berry Caramel

Ice Cream Sundae

What you need: frozen mixed berries, chocolate ice cream, coconut shreds, powdered sugar, lemon juice, heavy cream

Time: 15 minutes

Recipe: Dessert For Two


Bubble Crown Sundae

Choux Ice Cream

What you need: choux pastry, ice cream, chocolate sauce, biscuits, grated chocolate

Time: 10 minutes + freezing

Recipe: Foodie Baker


Brûléed Twinkie Sundae

Twinkie Sundae

 What you need: Twinkies, ice cream, sugar, coconut milk, chocolate chips, sprinkles

Time: 10 minutes

Recipe: Willow Bird Baking


Caramel Sundae with Agave Maple Bacon Syrup and Banana Chips

Ice Cream Sundae

What you need: ice cream, caramel sauce, blue agave nectar, maple syrup, bacon fat, bananas, canola oil

Time: 15 minutes with pre-made ice cream and caramel sauce

Recipe: Scarletta Bakes


Sugar-Crust Brownie Sundae with Whiskey-Pecan Caramel Sauce

Whisky Pecan Sauce Sundae

What you need: ice cream, brownies, whisky, pecans, sugar, lemon juice, heavy cream, salt, vanilla extract

Time: 15 minutes with pre-made brownies

Recipe: Culinary Concoctions by Peabody


Buttery Popcorn Sundae

Buttery Popcorn Ice Cream

What you need: Cracker Jacks, caramel sauce, buttered popcorn, heavy cream, whole milk, eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla extract

Time: 1 hour 20 minutes + freezing time

Recipe: The Kitchn


Apple Butter Cheesecake Ice Cream in Apple Bowls

Apple Butter Cheesecake Ice Cream

What you need: apple butter, apples, cream cheese, heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, lemons, eggs, vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt, clove

Time: 35 minutes + freezing time

Recipe: Chocolate Moosey


Decadent S’mores Sundae

S'mores Sundae

What you need: heavy cream, whole milk, vanilla extract, eggs, sugar, honey graham crackers, cinnamon, marshmallows, hot fudge

Time: 1 hour + freezing time

Recipe: Attune Foods