Now You Can Roll Around Giant Bags of Sushi Luggage


It’s summer, which means plenty of people are traveling, and plenty of those people are using all sorts of things to make their bags easier to spot in a crowd. Think luggage tags and colorful ribbons and gaudy butterfly stickers. Still, for anyone who’d rather not look like a Michael’s employee just threw up on their stuff, might we suggest an alternative that’s a little more whimsical and a lot more appetizing?


Starting July 8, Japanese company Omise Parco is selling these snazzy polyester suitcase covers that turn your junk into oversized pieces of egg, tuna, salmon, and shrimp nigiri. Watch as your airport conveyor belt magically transforms into a revolving sushi restaurant as each bag goes round and round.


Each sushi cover is available for about $30 at the Narita International Airport in Japan or online from Parco City. Just try not to mistake anything at the airport for soy sauce okay?

H/T Rocket News