Ladies and Gentlemen, This is What a Justin Timberlake ‘Suit & Tie’ Sandwich Looks Like [VIDEO]


Poor Justin, no matter how sexy he’s grown up to be or how catchy his music is, it seems he won’t ever be able to live down that awful instant ramen-inspired ‘90s haircut.


(Yep, still funny 15 years later)

Made by the same folks who brought us the Beyonce sandwich in February, this ‘Soup and Thai’ sandwich by HoopLaHa features five pieces of Bok Choy (one for each member of N’Sync), ramen noodles (of course) and (sexy) baby (back) ribs, all on a “Corn-Biel” bun (just go with it).

Watch the instructional video below, in which some dapper-looking gentlemen dances around kitchen all monochrome, as ‘Suit and Tie’ plays in the background. Granted, if you tried to do the same thing, you’d probably take at least twice as long as you’d need to and ruin your suit, but hey, at least you’d look fly while doing it right? That’s the important thing.

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Be on Your Suit & Tie Sh*t in this Bacon Suit

Bacon Suit

Since bacon rules so much, we might as well wear it too, right? You betcha!

That’s where the Bacon Suit comes in — a tacky and unique way to express one’s sheer love for the grease strips. The suit is unfortunately inedible, but the pants and jacket combo make for one classy outfit that’s appropriate for any occasion.

However, if you do sport this number, you’ll have to steer clear of hungry crowds. Since the suit is strikingly realistic, there’s a good chance bacon fans could end up nibbling on your meat-covered leg — the small price you’ll have to pay for being fashion forward.

Full Bacon Suit $60 @

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