These Avengers Sugar Cookies are Definitely Earth’s Cutest


Here’s what you’ve missed since the Avengers movie: Iron Man can’t sleep, Black Widow straightened her hair, the ninth Doctor’s ransacking Asgard and Loki’s settled into his new lot in life as a Russell Brand impersonator. They were also all transformed into a set of adorable and incredibly detailed cookies and are palling around with the guys from Sherlock during its hiatus. Or is that not right?

In any case, resident tumblr cookie nerd Fanfectionary is ringing in the latest batch of Avenger-sequels the best way she knows how: with SWEETS.

She describes her creative process:

I used a cutter for the cookie shape . . . and then did some editing of some edges and angles with a knife. Then I used a food coloring marker to outline the legs and such.”

Oh dearie, you make it sound so easy. Goodness knows anything I try would probably wind up on a list of Pinterest fails.

Check out the pics below to see all her finished cookies, which include Tony Stark, Captain America, Black Widow and my personal favorite, Loki

But of course, that’s coming from a biased and bonafide Hiddlestoner. Speaking of which, is that word supposed to be pronounced “bone-a feed-eh,” because it’s Latin? Inquiring minds want to know.





Also, because you’re dying to see it:

H/T Neatorama + PicThx Fanfectionary


Starcraft 2 Cookies Look Good Enough to Eat, Except for the Alien Slime


If you’re anything like me, the mere mention of ‘Starcraft 2’ invokes warm feelings of nostalgia and keen recollections of having to turn up the volume on the TV as your brother screamed made up words at the family computer. Understanding the importance of the family time that once was, the folks over at Nerdache Cakes have cooked up some comfort food in the form of sugar cookies decorated with all matter of Starcraft 2. . . stuff, including logos and gray and purple spiky things filled with some sort of green goo.

Hey, don’t judge me. Everyone knows not to interrupt an enraged Starcrafter to ask “what that purple stuff” is.

But if you know, you should tell me. I’m also curious about this “6 pools” nonsense. I like to stay up on my nerdmemes.




H/T Neatorama + PicThx Nerdache Cakes


Piñata Cookies Have a Surprise Inside!

So you say you’re not a huge margarita or Corona drinker, yet you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo without a hangover? Make Piñata Cookies and surprise your friends and family with something special!

This is the first time we’ve seen a cookie that’s just as colorful on the outside as it is on the inside and we couldn’t be any more stoked on the idea. These sugar cookies are filled with M&M’s but you can really hide any type of mini candy. The recipe and awesome step-by-step directions are provided by the talented Sandra Denneler.



Super Kawaii Lemon Cookies Are Too Cute

Cakeb0t is a blogger that posts lots of great cake decorating techniques and tutorials. I’m a fan of a lot of her stuff, but this technique for decorating sugar cookies has got to be my favorite. By cutting out the designs of these cute lemon faces out of acetate she can decorate each cookie quickly and consistently. This a great trick, especially for decorating professional looking holiday sugar cookies.

Watch this video and see how she does it:


Car-baked Sugar Cookies

The hot weather of these past couple summer weeks is undeniable. Last week, we covered our friends out in Dallas who cooked bacon and chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard of their car. This week, our very own Becky has actually pieced together a car-baked recipe that actually looks as good as its oven-baked counterpart.
Snagging a package of Pillsbury ready-to-bake sugart cookies, she took to her car, laid them out on a baking sheet, closed the door and came back hours later to check on her project. She describes the cookies as “light and flaky, kind of like pie crust.
A novelty act above all else, but someone had to do it!



Cravings Sweets

Watermelon Cookies

Try out these delicious watermelon cookies for a more vibrant colorful looking dessert! It is made out of a simple sugar cookie dough that has been dotted with miniature chocolate chips! Unfortunately they only look like watermelons, and don’t taste like them. (Thx AC)


Craving: Sugar Cookie Bars

The limited deliciousness cookies provide is no more! Why bother with your average joe sugar cookie when you could sink your teeth into these sugar cookie bars? All complete with the basics: tasty and light cookie dough,  frosting, and even rainbow sprinkles. Pretty sure you won’t be missing cookies once you have this! (Thx lisaiscooking)