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Subway Is Starting Its Largest Menu Revamp In The Chain’s History

Photo courtesy of Subway

After years mired in multiple controversies, Subway is finally giving its entire brand and menu a new facelift.

Starting on July 13th, locations nationwide will be undergoing a “Eat Fresh Refresh” that revamps a number of sandwiches, ingredients, and adds new items to the chain’s menu.

Items with past scandals that are getting upgraded include the chain’s bread, with two new loaves available to pile cold cuts and veggies into (Artisan Italian and Hearty Multigrain). There’s also a ton of new topping options, including smashed avocado and fresh mozzarella, and improvements to meat options like bacon, steak, rotisserie chicken, roast beef, and more.

Photo courtesy of Subway

Subway is also bringing back their Rotisserie Chicken and Roast Beef subs as part of the refresh. Four new sandwiches also join their arsenal: Turkey Cali Fresh, Steak Cali Fresh, Subway Club, and All-American Club.

As part of the upgrade, some Subway restaurants are also getting remodels or redesigns, and technology upgrades like Subway delivery are also getting added.

The biggest change Subway isn’t making? They’re sticking to their guns on their tuna, despite lawsuits and news reports that DNA tests on the fish were inconclusive (albeit, how those tests were conducted is a concern all on its own).

To make all of these changes happen, 10,000 or more Subway locations will close starting at 6 pm on July 12th so the makeovers can take place. On July 13th, a new and improved Subway, hoping to stand out and look fresher than its past model, will be ready for the public to try for the first time.

It’s a bold and ambitious attempt to get people back into Subway stores. We’ll just have to see whether its a success and the new ingredients prove to deliver when it comes to flavor.

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12 Global Subway Sandwiches That NEED To Come To The United States

Subway is one of the biggest restaurant chains out there, but it’s not too often we hear about the subs other parts of the world get to enjoy. These epic global Subway sandwiches, though, are proof that in the US, we’re seriously missing out on flavors.

Sure, we get the reuben back every now and then to entice us, and the new breakfast croissants are one of the best bread additions in years. But in a melting pot like the United States, we’re always craving international flavor. With all of these dope concepts from across the globe, why isn’t Subway giving us a taste of them?

Below are just a sampling of the global Subway sandwiches we’d love to see come to the US. Who knows? Adding such a diverse and eclectic lineup of sandwiches to the menu could be just the thing the sandwich giant needs to jumpstart a not-so-hot year.

Matambrito – Argentina

Matambrito refers to a pork flank steak, a popular cut of meat in Argentina. Subway’s tribute to the local favorite is a deep-fried pork patty with barbecue sauce. Given how much we love pork (especially deep-fried) here in the US, this would be a worthy addition to the menu that adds a bit of flair.

BBQ Rib – Mexico

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McRib, meet your twin. Subway’s answer to the popular BBQ pork sandwich can be found in Mexico and other countries, but for some reason, it’s not out here in the United States, where it really could be flourishing. A battle of the “McRibs” between the two fast food titans would be a sight to witness.

Greek Lamb with Tzatziki – Australia and New Zealand

Subway’s equivalent of a gyro, this sub comes loaded with plenty of tender lamb and tangy tzatziki to entice the palate. This one should be a shoe-in for Subway USA, considering that Arby’s just merited their own gyro worthy enough to stay on the menu full-time.

Teriyaki Chicken – Japan

I love the USA’s Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki as much as the next guy, but a chance to get the real Japanese version would be clutch. Having that authentic taste would also stamp Subway’s credibility on global flavor.

Sub Raclette Cheese – France

Subway’s probably not gonna have the big flaming wheel to scrape raclette cheese out of, but you’ll get the same gooeyness and flavor from a toasted raclette sub. You can get this with ham, turkey, or pepperoni, although I’d personally just get them all in one.

Chicken Tandoori – India

The roasted, aromatic notes of Tandoori chicken mesh perfectly with fresh, crunchy veggies, making putting the two together a perfect match. You probably wouldn’t use bread as a traditional vessel for the two, but for Subway, and in the US, it could definitely work.

Shrimp Avocado – Japan

Japan is big on seafood and freshness, which is why they get this scrumptious sandwich. But hey, the USA has a strong fondness for shrimp and avocado as well, making this an ideal sub to bring stateside.

Chicken Parmesan – Mexico

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Hold up a sec. You’re telling me that one of America’s most venerated Italian dishes has a home in Mexico, but not in the US, where Italian sandwiches and hoagies are a big deal?! The meatball sub is already here, Subway, so why not pile on the Chicken Parm?

Skagenröra – Sweden

Skagenröra refers to a creamy salad made using anything that can be considered as a “red shellfish.” In this case, Subway utilizes shrimp and crab tossed together with mayo, lemon, herbs, and spices. Swedish food isn’t super popular in the US outside of IKEA, but seafood salad is always a plus.

Mexican Chicken Sub – Germany

This sandwich could be a great way to up the fuego in Subway’s arsenal. Adding fresh jalapenos and spicy chicken to the mix gives customers a chance to satisfy the spicy desires that more and more of them are craving.

Chicken Tikka – UK

The UK’s favorite Indian dish is also wildly popular here in the United States, as you can find Tikka Masala on just about every Indian restaurant’s menu. The creamy, fragrant curry may sound strange to pile into a sandwich, and it would be sure to cause a mess, but that mess would be one of pure deliciousness.

Peri Peri Chicken – United Arab Emirates

Peri Peri, aka the African bird’s eye chili, is the key ingredient behind Nando’s famous chicken. It’s gained a cult following in Europe and the Middle East, but Nando’s hasn’t quite made it big in the USA yet. Maybe a Subway variation on the spicy poultry could be what it takes to make the flavor take off?

Photos courtesy of Subway.
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Woman Flips Out At Subway Because They Ran Out Of Meatballs [WATCH]


If you’ve ever worked a customer service job, you know the struggle of having to pray someone doesn’t lose their shit in front of you.

As a low-level employee, there’s often nothing you can do to appease the customer yourself. Worse, if you don’t have a manager to back you up, you might just freeze and take the verbal beating.

If your luck is even lower, the yelling will last long enough for someone to record it. Now everyone in the world can see this ridiculous argument that sounds like The Rock and Chris Jericho going at it.

All those circumstances seemed to happen to this poor fella at Subway. A customer really wanted a meatball sub, but the guy tried to explain that they were out of meatballs.

Terribly upset, and probably trying to get a free meal, the woman in the video kept rambling on about how the restaurant “should have it available,” or put up a sign showing that, “it’s not available.”

This goes on for over 3 minutes, as the filibustering customer didn’t get anywhere, and surely didn’t get her sub.

For what it’s worth, the sandwich artist handled it like a champ and probably realized the absurdity of the situation.

Check out the confrontation for yourself and decide if she was right for being so angry:

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Subway Just Unveiled A New Logo For The First Time In 15 Years

Subway is getting an all new look.  The sandwich chain unveiled a new logo Friday for the first time in 15 years.

The new logo and symbol will be used worldwide to all Subway restaurants, worldwide beginning in early 2017.

“The SUBWAY brand is recognized throughout the world, and this new look reinforces our commitment to staying fresh and forward-thinking with a design that is clear and confident without losing sight of our heritage,” Subway said in a statement.

                                                                                              new logo


                                                                                              old logo

The new look keeps the iconic arrows on the S and the Y, but gives the logo a cleaner, more minimalist look.  The arrows are meant to symbolize the choices guests have. They also have released a version of their symbol with just the S and the arrows.


The new logo has already been used in two ads, released Friday.

This logo change is a part of more changes, as the restaurant chain attempts to improve after the second straight year of lower revenue.

Subway has already introduced menu changes, such as permanently adding rotisserie style chicken and carved turkey to the menu, and only using chicken raised without antibiotics earlier this year.  They also have set nutrition goals, such as removing all artificial colors, flavors and preservatives at North American restaurants by end of the next year, and converting to cage free eggs within 10 years.


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Turmeaken: Turducken Inspired Subway Sandwich

Our friend Nick of DudeFoods has a very special way of envisioning a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of a traditional turducken (de-boned chicken stuffed within a de-boned duck stuffed into a de-boned turkey), he has brought similar schematics to a series of Subway sandwiches. Specifically, since Subway does not offer a duck sub sandwich, he starts with a Subway footlong grilled chicken sub, stuffed inside a footlong meatball sub that is then stuffed inside a footlong turkey sub. To round out the lack of duck in the meal, Nick has covered the sandwich in duck sauce that he had left over from some Chinese takeout he recently enjoyed. Happy early Thanksgiving!