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Firehouse Subs Serves Up Nashville Hot Brisket

We’ve seen shrimp get the Nashville Hot treatment this week at Red Lobster, but never would I have imagined beef brisket could be served Nashville Hot. Like with most things in my life, I was wrong.

Firehouse Subs just announced the release of a Nashville Hot Brisket Sandwich.

The sub is loaded with slow-smoked USDA Choice beef brisket that’s sliced up and coated with a spicy Nashville Hot seasoning. It’s then topped with spicy pickle chips, mayonnaise, a sweet and tangy coleslaw, and melted pepper jack cheese on a toasted cornbread roll.

Curious to see if it leans more towards Nashville Hot chicken or tender smoked brisket, either way my curiosity is piqued for a sub.

You can find this hot sandwich at participating Firehouse Subs locations across the nation.

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Jimmy John’s Savagely Calls Out A Twitter User For ‘Eating Ass’

Social media has created an outlet for customers to vent their displeasure over restaurants, and for those restaurants to respond and try to make things square again. This might be the first time one of those interactions involved anal sexual pleasure, though.

Twitter user @wenotsocks sent out a tweet about Jimmy John’s, saying, “Jimmy John’s has the worst subs ever. I’ve eaten ass that tastes better than their subs.”


Jimmy John’s Twitter account promptly responded, asking about the odd comparison.


Keeping things honest, the We Not Socks responded back, letting Jimmy John’s know what’s up.


Jimmy John’s wasn’t going to roast him. It was just a simple question.


They eventually moved forward from the behind conversation and got to the root of the problem.


While Jimmy John’s didn’t offer a solution, at least someone tweeted out a helpful suggestion.


I think the overarching lesson of the entire Twitter battle is, be careful what you put in your mouth, whether it’s Jimmy John’s, or a different asset.


Play Pokemon Go And Get A Free Sandwich


Who: Capriotti’s

What: In the wake of the Pokemon Go sensation, the sandwich chain is offering a free sub to anyone who Tweets a screenshot of a Pocket Monster inside a Capriotti’s restaurant. They’ll have to Tweet that screenshot to @CapriottisJason, the company’s president Jason Smylie.

Once the image is Tweeted, fans will be sent a voucher for a free sandwich.

Where: Any participating Capriotti’s Sandwich locations.

When: July 12 through July 15.


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Firehouse Subs Built A Stadium Out Of Sandwiches We Want To Live In

Firehouse subs is celebrating the Super Bowl with the SUBper Bowl. The national sandwich chain has built a miniature stadium created entirely of sandwiches, deli meats, cheese and desserts just for this weekend.

Reminds us of the sandwich house we used to dream about living in when we were younger. Alas, that dream became less and less likely as we grew older. Think of the ants.

The delicious construction features 6 dozen cookies, 24 brownies, 3 pounds of salami, 3 pounds of pepperoni, 35 pounds of turkey, 35 pounds of ham, 15 pounds of corned beef, 15 pounds of pastrami 10 pounds of cheddar, 10 pounds of Monterey Jack and 10 pounds of Swiss cheese.


It took about between eight to ten people working on this project an entire 24 hours to construct.

Firehouse made a quick pitstop at Foodbeast HQ and gave us a peek at the snack stadium. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t pick at it too much. They did make up for it with some subs, however.

Check out the video above for a closer look at the SUBper Bowl.


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Meet The Artist Responsible For EVERY Custom Mural Inside 1000+ Firehouse Subs Restaurants


Artist Joe Puskas didn’t always start out painting murals. Originally, he began doing T-shirt designs with only one mural and zero art classes under his belt.

However, one mural was all it took. Puskas’ work was discovered by Firehouse Subs Co-founder Robin Sorensen behind a Tom and Betty’s Restaurant. Since then, Puskas’ iconic career as a Firehouse muralist began.

Having completed 1,000 murals at 1,000 Firehouse subs since 1994, Puskas’ and his team are known for their custom paintings that are unique to each location.


The process begins as a pencil sketch. Each mural features a firetruck that’s unqiue to the city it’s located in. Puskas then incorporates some of the city’s history into the mural. Once the pencils are completed, his team works tirelessly to bring the mural to life. Creating each mural can take up to 70 hours.

Check out this amazing video detailing Puskas’ process from beginning to end. Next time you’re at a Firehouse Subs, keep an eye out for his mural.

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Tuscan Chicken Melt and Spicy Italian are Subway’s Featured Footlongs for October


Copywriters have got to be the smartest people in the world. Have I been to Tuscany? No. Do I even know if Tuscany has good food? No. Frankly, I probably couldn’t even find Tuscany on a map with the help of a cute Italian exchange student. However, am I still convinced Subway’s featured Tuscan Chicken Melt sandwich tastes like sunshine and vineyards and romance?



Previously available as a limited time offering late last year, the Tuscan Chicken Melt is now Subway’s $6 Footlong special for October. Also available as a salad, the TCM features herb-seasoned grilled chicken, topped with your choice of cheese and vinaigrette.


Following along Subway’s newfound Italy-boner is the Spicy Italian sandwich, October’s $5 Footlong, which is stuffed with Genoa salami and pepperoni and available on the chain’s not-contaminated new garlic bread.

Bonus points: at least we won’t have to worry about vampires this Halloween.

There’s also a featured Chicken Cordon Bleu Melt, but that one doesn’t have a pricing special and won’t ward off legions of the undead, sadly.

PicThx Subway

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Erbert & Gerbert’s Roll Out New Sandwich Line

Erbert & Gerbert's New Sandwiches Subs

Erbert & Gerbert‘s a popular sandwich chain in Minnesota and Wisconsin, has announced a new ‘Signature’ sandwich line with 5 new offerings. From top left counterclockwise the new sandwiches include the Titan, Spartan, Pompeii, Erupter and Quattro.

Titan: Turkey Breast, Tomato, Lettuce, Sun Dried-Tomato, Provolone Cheese, Cucumber, Pesto Mayo (yum) – 640 Calories, 230 Fat Calories

Spartan: Peppadew Mustard, Chicken Breast, Tomato, Lettuce, Hellman’s Mayo, Cheddar Cheese, Cherrywood Smoked Bacon (double yum) – 640 Calories, 250 Fat Calories

Pompeii: Chicken Salad, Sweet Chili Sauce, Celery, Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, Onion, Tomato, Lettuce Sprouts – 760 Calories, 300 Fat Calories

Quattro: Cranberry Wasabi (what?!), Chicken Breast, Cucumber, Hellman’s Mayo, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Cherrywood Smoked Bacon – 650 Calories, 250 Fat Calories

Erupter (FOODBEAST approved name)Buffalo Chicken Salad, Celery, Lettuce, Tomato, Hellman’s Mayo, Onion, Bleu Cheese Dressing – 830 Calories, 370 Fat Calories

Have any FOODBEASTS tried Erbert & Gerbert‘s? What do you think of their sandwiches and this new sandwich line?



Quizno’s January Coupons: $1-2-3 off 1-2-3

Quizno’s always stays up on their coupon game for you foodbeasts to get at. This month they have either $1-2-3 dollar off either 1, 2 or 3 subs. So get your friends together and go get your toasty on. Or if you’re really feeling ambitious you can get $10 off any catering order over $35. So in that case, put all 17 people at your office in your astrovan and cruise over so you can also get your toasty on.