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Pizza Hut’s New Tub-Like Crust Is Filled With 5 Different Cheeses

It’s a little hard to top Pizza Hut’s classic stuffed-crust pizza, but they’ve done it with these new jacuzzi-like crust pockets filled to the brim with five different cheeses.

They’re calling it the Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza, and it will be making its way across U.S. Pizza Hut stores, starting November 13.

The crust consists of 16 little cheese pockets that can be pulled apart from the pizza, and include a blend of mozzarella, Provolone, white cheddar, Asiago, and Fontina.

This isn’t the first time Pizza Hut has had a pocket-like crust, as in 2013 they released a similar pie, except it only had one type of cheese on it. Even then, it was gone before anyone was able to truly appreciate its cheesy goodness.

While Pizza Hut didn’t provide an end date on this limited time release, they are coupling the release with a merch promotion that includes pizza blankets, mugs, and socks, so we could probably expect to see it through the holidays.

You can’t really complain about fun crusts like this, plus the cheese pulls look strong, so these should be a joy to eat while they’re here.

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Little Caesars Just Launched A Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Deep Dish Pizza


For those who always wished Little Caesars offered a little more variety, prepare to stuff your faces in even more cheese and pepperoni. That’s because the pizza chain has just released a new Pepperoni Deep! Deep! Crust that’s left our mouths watering.

The new menu item is a Detroit-style deep dish features a cheese pizza that’s topped with pepperoni and stuffed more cheese and pepperoni along the edges.

Definitely could go for some cheesy comfort foods these days.

You can get your hands on the new stuffed crust pizza, which is now available at all participating Little Caesars locations. If you come in between 4pm and 8pm, you can grab the pizza as a Hot-N-Ready item and avoid the tiresome wait. Each cheese and pepperoni-filled pie costs $10 with tax not included.

Photo: Little Caesars

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Pizza Hut Debuts Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crusts, Extreme Cheese Pull Dreams Come True


Pizza Hut just announced a cheesy new stuffed crust addition to their menu. The pizza chain will now offer a Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza for customers to get their dairy-lovin’ hands on.

The new pizza features some gooey mozzarella cheese packed inside the crust. To set the pie apart from previous incarnations, cheddar cheese is added within the crust and is then topped with breadcrumbs and melted butter.

Pizza Hut’s last foray into innovating their stuffed crust was the incorporation of applewood-smoked bacon a few months back. Hopefully we see hotdog stuffed crust pizza return to the cheesy cycle soon, too.

In the meantime, you can get a large one-topping Grilled Cheese Crust pizza at any participating Pizza Hut location for $12.99.

Photos: Pizza Hut


Meet The Woman Who Changed Pizza Forever By Stuffing The Crust With Cheese


It seems like the concept of a stuffed crust pizza has been around for as long as we can remember. Who knew at one point, the idea of baking cheese inside a pizza crust would be so ridiculous that it would become an iconic practice in the decades to come?

We spoke to Patty Scheibmeir, the inventor of stuffed crust pizza, to see what brought on this inspired concept.

Back in the ’90s, Pizza Hut was the first to create the innovative dish. Before there were Internet Chefs stuffing foods into other foods, there was Patty.

Here’s what the pioneer had to say.


What made Pizza Hut want to create a stuffed crust pizza?

Actually, the invention of stuffed crust pizza wasn’t planned whatsoever. I guess you could call it a happy accident!

I had an “AHA” moment when a guy in a focus group told us that he didn’t eat his crusts and usually fed them to his dog. It was at that moment I realized that maybe we were putting too much emphasis on toppings and not giving enough love to the crust.

I wish I could tell you that I woke up one morning and thought to myself, “I’m going to invent a stuffed crust pizza today.” Real talk: If it weren’t for that guy in the focus group telling me he never ate the crusts, I might not have had the epiphany, at least right away, to start tinkering with the idea of a crust filled with cheese.

What did your bosses think about the idea when you came up with it? 

If I recall correctly, my bosses at Pizza Hut called me crazy, and then a genius and then crazy again. It took nearly three years for stuffed crust pizza to see the light of day, because they were so skeptical that customers wouldn’t go for it. That’s the biggest difference between working for Pizza Hut in the ’90s and working for a next gen fast casual pizza company like Pie Five Pizza (were she works) now.

Taking risks is part of our DNA, and we’re not afraid to push the boundaries when testing out new products. 

What was the process for making the crust?

All of my great ideas start in the kitchen with a few key ingredients and a big ball of dough. When I started experimenting with the idea of stuffed crust, I bought a whole bunch of string cheese at the grocery store and started rolling it into dough. It was an interesting test process, to say the least!

We went through A LOT of string cheese and dough. 


What did the first rounds of stuffed crust look like? Was it completely different than what we got?

Completely different is an understatement. The string cheese from the grocery store actually hardens really quickly once taken out of the oven, so it was a lot of work trying to make the cheese gooey.

I also had to work with our dough scientists (yes, those exist!) to create a dough that wouldn’t tear when we were wrapping it around the crust.

What ideas were too crazy for Pizza Hut during your time there? 

There were so many! I wanted to do a crust-less pizza, long before the low carb fad was even a thing. Obviously, that idea didn’t go anywhere.

I had an idea for a pizza cone that would fit in the car cup holder! Another was a waffle crust pizza that had melted cheese in the pockets. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if that one has been done already, considering how trendy it is nowadays to do food mashups. I also thought about a fried pizza – think state fair pizza where everything is fried.

What were your biggest inspirations?

I’m a big foodie! I love it all – ethnic cuisine, street food, fine dining and even fast food! My biggest inspiration comes from watching how people interact with their food and each other. People want to feel an emotional connection to what they eat, which gives me unlimited freedom to create new flavor profiles and products that wow our guests and keep the pizza industry innovative.


Patty now works at Pie Five Pizza where she is the Vice President of R&D. There, she’s still working on crazy pizza related creations. One of which is a pizza and enchilada hybrid.

Yep, that’s happening.


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Pizza Hut Stuffs Their Newest Crusts With Applewood-Smoked Bacon

Pizza Hut has announced that they’re doing a new stuffed crust pizza. The pizza chain’s newest pie will feature applewood smoked bacon baked into the cheese-filled crust.

In our excitement, we had some delivered to our office from the local Pizza Hut spot.

Here’s what it looks like…


Photo: Pizza Hut

…and here’s what we got.


Photo: @pham_bot

So there’s definitely not as much bacon as the promo image suggests. That’s for sure. Still, if you’re ordering Pizza Hut (or any fast food), you kinda have to go into it will less-than the highest of expectations.

Still, were just so damn excited about all that bacon and cheese. Bummer.

You can get a large one-topping stuffed-crust pizza for $12.99.

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New Jalapeno Stuffed-Crust Pizza in Middle Eastern Pizza Huts

jalapeno stuffed pizza

Pizza Hut’s menu items outside of the United States are way more ballsy than anything that’s offered here at home.

Exhibit A: The Middle East just came out with a jalapeno-stuffed pizza for its Pizza Hut stores.

They’re calling it their spiciest pizza ever, and with red or green sliced jalapenos within the cheesy crust, chili sauce instead of pizza sauce, spicy nacho seasoning and another serving of jalapenos on top of the pizza, that spicy claim is hard to argue.

Hey, Pizza Hut. Why does South Korea get a Surf ‘N Turf pizza? Oh, and New Zealand gets a Chili Dog Stuffed-Crust pizza? That’s cool.

We can have nice things too, Pizza Hut.

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Pizza Hut Korea Created a Surf ‘N Turf Pizza with a Dessert Stuffed Crust


No one ever agrees on what toppings to put on a pizza, that’s for sure. Pizza Hut Korea doesn’t have time for this kind of indecisiveness, however, so they’re throwing om everything and then some with their new Star Edge Pizza.

The Star Edge Pizza (whose name likely comes from its star-shaped crust) is topped with calamari, shrimp, broccoli, peppers, bacon, sausage and steak. The crust is stuffed with cream cheese in the form of little turnovers. Each piece is filled with a different fruit: cinnamon apple nut or cranberry. While this doesn’t sound like the best combination of ingredients, we have to hand it to them for creativity.

Though it’s a tad on the pricey side, what would you expect from a pie that serves an entire three-course meal in one slice? A medium Star Edge Pizza is available for 28, 900 won ($27.09 US) and a large for 34,900 won ($32.71). The Star Edge is available at all participating Pizza Hut Korea locations.

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Pizza Hut Introduces Bacon and Cheese-Stuffed Crust Pizza


Pizza Hut has done some pretty random interesting stuffed crust pizzas over the years. From cheeseburger to pineapple, you’d think they’d continue further away from the list of sensible ingredients stuff-able into a pizza crust. That being said, the pizza chain has taken a few simple steps back and released a new stuffed crust pizza that should hit close to home: Cheese and Bacon.


The pie is your standard issue with a single topping choice. The crust however, is made with a blend of various cheese and bits of bacon. The Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza is available at participating Pizza Hut locations for a limited time. It’s available as a one-topping option for $11.99.