How To Spend Valentine’s Day Like A Wizard From Harry Potter


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and quite a few of us are struggling for ideas on what to do for the special day. How about a magical dinner for two at Harry Potter’s Great Hall of Hogwarts?

Warner Bros. London Studio Tour is taking reservations for Valentine’s Day weekend (Feb. 13-14) for diners to spend the romantic holiday on the movie set of the Harry Potter film.

The Great Hall will be tricked out for Valentine’s and will feature a three-course meal, an after-hours tour of the Harry Potter sets, post-dinner coffee or tea, chocolates and tankard of Harry Potter’s famous Butterbeer.

Guests will also receive their very own wand.

Prepare to shell out quite a bit though. A dinner for two costs £495 which is about $716.04 US, not including the plane fare if you’re not in Europe. Still, if you can afford it, the experience should be a magical story you can tell your Muggle children someday.

Reservations begin Jan. 13 and can be placed through the Warner Bros. London Studio site. It also gives you a detailed itinerary of the evening.

Photo: Warner Bros. London


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