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Ben & Jerry’s Teams with Netflix for New Flavor ‘Netflix & Chill’d’

Netflix and chill just took on a whole new meaning. Well known for their zany ice cream concoctions, who knew Ben & Jerry were a couple of Don Juans? With over 60 flavors in their 42-year partnership, they certainly understand the importance of keeping things interesting.

Recently they announced their newest flavor: Netflix & Chill’d. It’s a plot-twist of a collaboration that features the delectable line up of peanut butter ice cream, sweet & salty pretzel swirls & fudge brownies. Things are bound to get *ahem* reel. 

Netflix & Chill’d can be found in pints worldwide, online and at all Scoop Shops. Spoiler alert, the dairy-free option will only be released domestically.

Now if only you could order a pint through your Netflix account.


WHOA: We’re On Netflix Longer Than We Eat, Study Says


We’re watching more Netflix than we’re eating, and we’re totally fine with it. Exstreamist reports that new data from TDGResearch shows consumers are spending more time watching Netflix than participating in other leisurely activities.

Makes sense with all that instant access to hours of entertainment. Also, the kitchen’s too far.


Measured in minutes we spend watching content on the streaming service, the chart also shows that we’re on Netflix more than we read and have sex.

Interestingly enough, two of the things we spend more time on than Netflix are activities we don’t have much control over: sleeping and working.

Wonder if they measure how often we eat while watching Netflix? Also, how long our food sits there while we search for something to watch.

With more and more platforms offering a streaming service, we’ll likely see those minutes increase as time goes by.

Chart: Exstreamist