So Apparently, We’ve Been Eating Strawberries All Wrong

I love being wrong, even with something as trivial as eating a strawberry.

Throughout the course of my life, whenever I wanted a strawberry, I would slice down on the leafy end with a sharp blade, hoping to sever as little of the precious berry flesh as possible while still getting rid of the terrible-on-your-tongue leafs that plague the strawberry eating process.

Thanks to the Internet, I now know better. Much better. With the help of a straw, apparently all you have to do is insert the straw into the strawberry nose first, and keep pushing through until the cylinder pushes through the other end, essentially pushing the leaves and stem off in one slick maneuver. Any excess flesh can be sucked into your mouth, or spat out at an enemy.

I could have saved myself many-a-pound-of-strawberry-flesh had I learned this move when I was a child. Oh well, better late than never. Let all the ‘straw-berry’ and ‘I-been-doing-that-for-years’ comments start rolling in, I’ll just forward them all to my mom so she can read them…after all, this is more her fault than mine: