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There’s An Insane 22-Scoop Sundae That’s As Big As A Fishbowl

The future of ice cream sundaes require giant wooden spoons, and fish bowl-sized glasses.

Mo & Moshi in Bangkok, Thailand doesn’t seem to believe in single serving ice cream, as they’ve created a 22-scoop Strawberry Supreme sundae, loaded with about six mini waffles, vanilla soft serve, a giant layer of cake, vanilla & raspberry parfait, three packages of strawberry Pocky sticks, and of course, strawberry slices.

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Like a lot of food these days, the shock value, and Instagramability is what brings value to this dessert, and it’s definitely luring people in, despite its $87 price point.

While the strawberry sundae is huge in its own right, there are other giant creations, such as this Candy Sundae:

Candy 🍡🍭🍨🍭🍡

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And this 1.5-foot tall fruit filled sorbet:

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A quick scroll down the Mo & Moshi Instagram geotag, though, shows that the strawberry sundae reigns supreme, as far as what people are posting.

Unless you’re competitive eater Matt Stonie, or bring along a party of 15 people to share with, good luck trying to tackle this monstrous sundae.

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JELL-O to Release S’more and Strawberry Sundae Pudding Snacks

JELL-O is ready to make some waves in the flavor department this Spring, and you can thank their new S’more and Strawberry Sundae Pudding Snacks for the wake. Yes, you heard absolutely correctly, JELL-O brand will be releasing two new dual layered and textured puddings that come together to present some seriously nostalgic flavors in a completely portable format.

The S’more version features a creamy chocolate graham flavored pudding and a tasty, whipped marshmallow flavored topping. The Strawberry Sundae version rocks a ‘cool strawberry ice cream’-flavored pudding layered with a sweet strawberry sauce topping.

Both flavors are made with real milk and no artificial sweeteners. According to early information, the new products will be available nationwide this March.