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13 Of The Strangest Drinks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

What’s strange to you may be common to another. The camel’s milk sold at Whole Foods, for example, may throw you for a loop, but that’s just because you haven’t grown up with such a product. Cow’s milk isn’t exactly a huge leap from camel’s milk, but unfamiliarity always glows brightest on the shelf.

So if you expanded your curiosity to stretch around the entire world, you may discover some drinks that would downright blow your mind. Likewise, there are drinks you yourself enjoy that would shock residents of other countries and cultures. And then of course there are drinks that are bizarre and goofy to shoppers everywhere. So let’s jump into the wild world of drinks you don’t see every day.

Water Salad

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Naturally, such a curious product comes from the Japanese arm of Coca-Cola, and it even comes in six different flavors. It honestly seems like a health drink in a dystopian sci-fi flick.

Eel Soda

Eel is the selling point here, not the secret ingredient. Unagi soda reportedly tastes like kabayaki. So if you love grilled eel in soy sauce, and it’s a hot summer’s day, guess what is about to fix everything about your life? This. Drink.

Baby Mice Wine

This absolutely looks like a high school science experiment, one that hasn’t obviously gone right or wrong. In its production process, newborn mice (three days or younger) are drowned in rice wine, and after 12 to 14 months, the drink is made available. Batches vary severely, as a bad one will straight up taste like gasoline.

Pizza Beer

Made by Mamma Mia!, the “World’s First Culinary Beer” debuted in 2006 and the taste has likely still not left everyone’s mouth—not a bad way to live either. It started at the Seefurth Family’s home brewery in Illinois with a surplus of tomatoes and a bag of garlic. But that idea grew and tremendously evolved into a legitimate boozy recipe. A margarita pizza is put into mash and steeped like a tea bag. It’s then filtered into a brew pot and boiled, with hops and spices added in a cheesecloth-like bag. In the end, voilà, pizza beer! Honestly, it’s quite the way to cut back on expenses, no longer needing to buy pizza and beer.

Panda Dung Tea

When it comes to green tea, you likely think of a pleasant scene of you relaxing between careful sipsand poop is absolutely nowhere to be found. Well, in a special blend debuted by wildlife expert An Yashi, the two are one in the same. Since pandas have poor digestion, only absorbing roughly 30% of what they consume, their dung is rich in fibers and nutrients. It’s surprisingly high quality actually. As of a few years ago, it was speculated to be going for $35,000 per pound.

Seagull Wine

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You’re likely unfamiliar with trends and interests within the Arctic Circle, and this one’s a doozy. The recipe is easy, since it’s simply keeping a dead seagull in a bottle or jug of water and allowing it to ferment in direct sunlight. Not totally sure what the buzz is like, but it’s likely safe to assume it’s strong.

Gau Jal

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Also referred to as Cow Water, Gau Jal came about in India as a healthier alternative to soda. It’s believed that cow urine has the potential to address several diseases and thanks to the Hindu organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, it was made viably marketable.

Peruvian Frog Juice

While it may not be a go-to health drink in the United States, like kombucha or a smoothie, residents of Bolivia and Peru toss a frog in a blender—a skinned Titicaca water frog, to be exact. The frog’s not alone in the blender, though, as ingredients such as carrots and honey are included as well.

Bird’s Nest Drink

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You may have heard of bird’s nest soup, but the key ingredient isn’t just for sit-down meals. The bird nests of Southeast Asia’s edible-nest swiftlets are created with solidified saliva that’s believed to be very nutritional for humans—high in calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. Given that we’re an increasingly on-the-go species, a bird’s nest drink was inevitable.

Snake Bile Wine

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This is an intense drink and it’s not just because of its name, which is wholly accurate and definitely not a gimmick. If it’s made for in-restaurant consumption, rather than bottled for sales, the delicacy beverage is prepared before you at a restaurant when the dedicated employee slices open the gallbladder of a live cobra. The bile is then mixed with rice wine, making for a green-black cocktail that’s supposed to offer health benefits, such as enhancing male virility.

Three Penis Liquor

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If you’re a fan of The League, you’re already familiar with this wild concept—though Taco was pitching wine. However, it’s, in fact, totally real, and that may come as a rather huge surprise. The not-so-secret ingredients of Tezhi Sanbian Jiu are deer penis, dog penis, and seal penis. Given the a long-standing belief that consumption of severed animal penises can mean a more dynamic libido in males, maybe this isn’t so shocking.

Placenta Smoothie

As one of the most empowering drinks around, placenta smoothies have seen an uptick in popularity in recent years. So it’s not exactly a drink you’ve never heard of, but we simply can’t leave it off this list. New moms have reported impressive health benefits accordingly, including more energy, lower blood pressure, and reduced post-natal bleeding. There aren’t really any drinks to compare it to. Seriously, how often do you have the chance to drink your own body part?

Diet Water

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The world is so impossibly confusing at times. This doesn’t make any sense. Diet water is like dividing zero! Or I think so anyway. I’m honestly not sure if that simile tracks. I took pre-calculus my junior year of high school, my senior year of high, and my freshman year of college and scored an increasingly worse grade each time. *sigh* This is Diet Water’s fault!

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Proof That This Dude Can Eat A Hot Dog Faster Than Anyone

Move over Kobayashi. Take a seat Matt Stonie. Joey Chestnut, who? Get ready to meet the king of hot dog eating. Or shooting, as he describes it. Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this before.

It’s been said that there are strange things on the internet. Very strange things. However, this video turns the word “strange”  into a hot dog, then a dude wearing a red bandana and sunglasses orally vacuums the hot dog into his body, only to spit it back out seconds later. Yes, it’s that weird.

You probably were not ready for that. If you’ve stopped laughing by now, we can resume our breakdown of this craziness.

The man claims he is the world’s fastest hot dog shooter — insinuating he’s done this before. Secondly, the vacuum sound he makes as he inhales the raw dogs back into his esophagus is almost mechanic. It’s unclear why he attempts this “trick” but, it doesn’t seem to bother the woman dressed in black who is on a cell phone behind him.


“World’s fastest hot dog shooter — in the Northwest — I-I-I-I’ve never seen anyone be able to do this. I can do it quick.”


“I’m just sayin…'”


If you notice, he’s swinging his arms around so loosely, a single raw hot dog is actually thrown out of the package.

“We’re goin’ viral with this one!” – Self-proclaimed world’s fastest hot dog shooting man.

The video, posted by YouTube account FunnyNewsBloopers, slows down at one point to capture the man wearing the red bandana vacuum down 5 consecutive hot dogs. It’s in slow motion, but it can’t take more than 10 seconds.


Although it’s quite a talent, someone should check his locker and pockets for performance enhancing drugs.

Fast Food Features Hit-Or-Miss

15 Items Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Doesn’t Want You To Remember

Whether you live in a Carl’s Jr. region or a Hardee’s region, one thing is certain: This fast food chain is truly the Dr. Frankenstein of the drive-thru set. It’s as if Carl Hardee himself heard that hybrids have become popular and assumed that wasn’t isolated to the auto industry (Carl Hardee isn’t actually the founder of or even a real person associated with this company, but we are officially worshiping this name as belonging to the God of satisfied cravings, amen). As a result, in many, many experiments, the company combined two or more food items into a single food item, and in some cases just made stuff up entirely, with no regard for nutrition, convention or sense — and we would like to personally thank Carl Hardee for each and every attempt. Check out some of the highlights:

1. Pepperoni Pizza Fries


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

In the spring of 2015, Carl’s Jr. answered the question: “What would poutine be like if it was invented by the highest of Americans?” Pepperoni pizza fries were born. These are exactly what they sound like — pepperoni pizza toppings, including the sauce, on fries instead of dough, for those times when pizza crust just isn’t deep-fried enough.

2. The Bisnut


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

The Bisnut is what you get when you force a doughnut and a biscuit together like some sort of delicious pastry centipede. In 2014, Carl’s Jr. tested the hybrid dessert (during breakfast hours, because in a civilized society we eat dessert after every meal). It cost 99 cents, or two for $1.89 , and is probably as delicious as it is fun to say. Bisnut!

3. Ice Cream Brrrger


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

Back in 2012, Carl’s Jr. introduced the Ice Cream Brrrger, an ice cream sandwich that looks like a hamburger, presumably meant to fool picky children into eating more dessert. This filled a gaping hole in their “all burgers all the time” philosophy. All they need now is a liquefied burger and we’ll be able to satisfy any craving in burger form.

4. Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

In the summer of 2014, the chain tested out the Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a great idea that you could easily re-create in your own kitchen without having to watch any YouTube videos explaining how to make it. But here’s the thing: It’s not like Carl’s and Hardee’s just have Pop-Tarts lying around. So someone in R&D (best job in the world?) had to say, “I’ve got an idea, but we’re going to need some Pop-Tarts.” It’s these types of simple and beautiful vignettes that make life worth living.

5. Most American Thickburger


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

The Most American Thickburger, which debuted in summer 2015, immediately became the leader of Carl’s Jr.’s gang of burgers that aren’t satisfied just being burgers. What makes it so American is the addition of a hot dog and potato chips and, presumably, the option to be “thick.” Still, claiming it’s the “most American” might be a stretch. Add bacon, apple pie, and the inability to locate Syria on a map, and then come see me.

6. Chicken Stars


Credit: Yelp

These are just breaded and fried digestion-compatible food facsimiles, and they probably are mostly made of chicken, as far as the legal department is concerned. But it takes a special kind of “Aw, fuck it” to tacitly admit you’re not working with actual pieces of chicken and that whatever it is you are working with is easily moldable into any shape you please. So then, we have to ask: Why stop at stars, you know?

7. Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit


Credit: Carl’s Jr.


In October 2014, we were treated to the Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit during a time when, frankly, innovation in drive-thru breakfast was lacking. The basic recipe: Stack two meat-and-cheese omelets on a biscuit and then stuff it all down your gullet. This was, apparently, an alternative to the Loaded Omelet Biscuit, which is a biscuit with a measly single meat-and-cheese omelet on it. What are we, on a diet or something?

8. Burgers With Other Sandwiches on Them


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

If Carl Hardee were an artist, the burger would be his canvas, the blank slate on which he builds his masterpieces. So now we have things like the Philly Cheesesteak Burger and the Pastrami Burger — just two examples of many Trojan burgers carrying a hidden army of other meat. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I suspect the company’s secret plan is to make it so no meal is ever burger-free, and where do we sign up to help out this righteous cause?

9. Mashers


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

Mashers, which were first tested in summer 2014, are basically your average burger or fried chicken sandwich, but with mashed potatoes and gravy on top, presumably because serving the potatoes on the sandwiches is much cheaper than investing in bowls and utensils. The biggest surprise here is that they stopped short of putting an entire Thanksgiving dinner on a sandwich, but surely that’s coming.

10. Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

The Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger was a 2013 revelation that needs no further introduction, because burger plus booze equals heaven. And not to be ungrateful, but we have to ask: Can we get some of that bourbon in our Coke … and might as well add it to the fries and milkshake too. Just in case.

11. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos burger



The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Burger was available in a few locations in Southern California in summer 2015. This burger features the titular munchie fodder and nacho cheese sauce and is clearly the masterpiece of someone who wanted to challenge the idea that adding potato chips and a hot dog to a burger is the most American it can get. The verdict? *breaks into “God Bless America”*

12. Blueberry Muffin Buns


The Blueberry Muffin Bun is a recent addition to the list of experiments, and it’s starting to feel like they’re just messing with us. It comes standard as a breakfast sandwich, because we’re not savages — obviously blueberry muffins are for the morning meal. But they’ll happily make you a regular burger on a blueberry muffin bun too, because maybe we are savages after all.

13. Monster Biscuit


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

The Monster Biscuit is basically breakfast Tetris: bacon, egg, sausage, ham, and cheese piled on a biscuit. It made a 2009 list of the worst food in terms of calories — no surprise there. And it’s named after what kids think is going to creep out from under their bed and kill them in their sleep. Well done all around.

14. Footlong Cheeseburger


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

Back in 2010, Carl’s Jr. sought to turn heads with a new burger phenomenon: They could have gone six inches, or even eight. But “footlong” has such a nice ring to it (this was well before all the current controversy surrounding footlongs). Enter the Footlong Cheeseburger: everything a regular cheeseburger is but longer. This is a chain that’s already known for its large burgers, so the Footlong Cheeseburger is sort of the stretch Hummer of fast food: I don’t really want one, but I’m glad Schwarzenegger has the option.

15. All-Natural Burger


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

After all that, the oddest thing on the menu is definitely the All-Natural Burger, which is just a regular-length burger with no other sandwiches crammed in it, and no side dishes or desserts or booze to be found. Not only that, it’s hormone- and antibiotic-free. And no option to get it flavor-blasted or kraken-sized? Hard pass.

Bonus: Boxers


Credit: Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s also dipped their toe into the apparel game, offering branded boxer shorts for $20. The pricing is outrageous, but in their defense, their pricing department isn’t used to this type of product. “I don’t know? Maybe $20?” We weren’t able to test them (even though shipping was free), but word is they’re a little bit chewy and pretty bland.


15 Convenience Store Clerks Recount Their Strangest Encounters Working The Night Shift

Working the night shift in a convienience store can usually lead to some interesting stories. More than likely, something strange and unexpected will tend to happen when people need food, gas, or beer in the late hours of the night.

We dug around and found some of the creepiest, hilarious and shocking tales from convenience store clerks. Mind you, these stories should be taken with a grain of salt. Some are downright terrifying.



“I am the law.”

A guy came in to buy beer after hours. Told him I couldn’t sell, it was against the law. He pulled out a badge, said “I am the law.” I called 911 and a cop shows up, tells me if I can just let it go, I wouldn’t have any more problems.

I let it go.

Two weeks later, driving home late at night, WAY over the speed limit I got pulled over. It was cop #2, he came up to the car, recognized me, said “Slow down” and left.



Out of burritos

I worked at a small convenience store in the early ’90s. They had one of those fry delis that had chicken, jojos (deep-fried potato wedges), corndogs, burritos etc. This particular night I had run out of burritos and chicken. I also shut the thing down and cleaned it all out about an hour before closing.

About five minutes before I was closing up, a guy walked in and asked for some burritos. I told him I was out of them, and that I was just about to close and the fryer was shut down. He walked around the store for a minute (I assumed he was looking for something else to buy) and then he came up to the counter, pulled out a knife and told me if I didn’t cook him some burritos he was going to stab me.

I freaked out, but told him I had none to cook. I showed him the freezer and told him I would happily cook anything he wanted from it, but he will see I was out of burritos.

He looked in it for a minute, turned to me and said, “You really are out.”

I replied, “Yeah.”

He then put the knife away and left the store.


“I really don’t want to talk about it.”

A man came in ten times within a single hour. He kept leaving and coming back without buying a single thing. Finally, on the tenth time he comes up to the counter with a box of tampons.

I proceeded to ask him, “Rough night?

He responded, “I really don’t want to talk about it.”



This is a brick up

Brother worked at a gas station at night.

Guy tried to rob the place with a brick.


The deal-wagging man

Had a guy pull up to the pump, unhooked it wanting post-pay. Our policy said not to authorize it between midnight and 5am (pre-pay only). I announce this to the dude over the loudspeaker. I’m pretty sure he was wasted; he continued to get more and more beligerent. When he started beating the pumps with the nozzle/hose, I called the cops.

Dude starts banging on the door (locked, no way he would get in), can’t, gets frustrated, and finally just whips his deal out and starts wagging it in the general direction of the store.

The CCTV (closed-circuit television) is getting all this, so I just start laughing my ass off. Then the cops pull up, and two deputies put this poor, drunk, deal-wagging man away in the back of a police car.

I quit a few months after that.


Pickle Chips

I worked third shift at a Sheetz. For those of you who don’t know it’s a gas station/convenience store/fast food place. On multiple occasions I have been cussed out because we discontinued pickle chips.

I’ve had people tell me to fuck off, break things, demand to call corporate, etc.

People love pickle chips.


The old man and the Devil

I work nights at a gas station in a pretty good neighborhood in New Hampshire, so usually it’s pretty boring. One night I did have a customer really creep me out. I was just getting ready to close down the store when a little old man came in.

He was small and dressed in khakis and a button down shirt. I made the usual small talk of asking him how his day was going.

Then as I was handing him his change he firmly grabbed my wrist, made direct eye contact with me and said, “Hell is a real place and the devil has already got his hand on you girl, be careful.



Six Eggs

A guy walks up to the surly clerk, who seemed to work 25 hours a day, and asks: “Do you sell eggs by the half dozen?”

Clerk: “No, you have to buy a dozen.”

Guy: “I only need six.”

Clerk: “I’d don’t care. You get 12 or you get zero!”

Without saying another word the guy walks back to get his dozen eggs, pays and walks out.

He then throws his six unwanted eggs at the store window before driving off.


The woman and child

I used to work the graveyard at a gas station near my place. Pretty normal night. Clean, stock smokes, clean again, sit behind the counter. A woman came in about mid 30’s with a little boy with her. She was in tears and her clothes were torn a bit. She came up and asked to use the phone.

When she got off without getting an answer, she asked to stay here for a bit. I told her it would be no problem. About 20 minutes goes by and I wound up giving her and her kid free drinks and one of the sandwiches we have on the hot rack. She was in the store for about 30 minutes until her “boyfriend” came in and found her and her kid.

He was pretty calm at first but then started screaming at her and telling her she needs to come with him. Luckily before anything crazy happened, a cruiser pulls up to the front and two cops come in and interveined.

He was arrested right there.

I guess he had been beating her in front of her kid and she was trying to run away. I’m glad I got to keep her away from harm for at least a little bit. Was a scary night!


Live performance

The place I worked had a monitor/camera that showed you on it as you walked it. It was like ten minutes before closing and a guy walks in and just starts rapping into the camera and acting like he’s shooting a music video.

He went through an entire song.


You skunk me up, I’ll skunk you back

Graveyard shift at a gas station. Full serve gets shut down after 11:00 pm because there’s only one clerk on site. Traffic cones block the full serve pumps, signs inform the customer.

Around midnight a van pulls up with California plates and peace/love signs in the windows. Woman gets out, moves the traffic cones and pulls up to full serve. I use the intercom to tell her that she will have to use self serve if she wants gas. No answer. I go to the door and try to wave her over or call out to her. Can’t see any sign of her. I shrug and go back inside. I’m not allowed to leave the store unattended, so there’s not much I can do.

Ten minutes later a woman gets out of the van and comes in.

“I’ve been waiting for service for over an hour,” she says.

I decide not to argue about the time elapsed and just say: “I’m very sorry ma’am, but we don’t offer full-serve after 11:00. Perhaps you noticed the traffic cones and signs to that effect?”

“You expect to pump my own gas?” She says.

“Again, I’m sorry. I’d be happy to help you, but I can’t leave the store unattended. I appreciate your understanding.” She snorts and digs a twenty out of her purse and tosses it on the counter. She goes out, moves the van to self-serve, pumps the gas. Then she comes back.

“May I use your restroom, please?” She asks.

“Absolutely, right back there,” I say, relieved. She goes to the restroom and she’s in there for about 15 minutes. I start to worry. Finally, she comes out and comes to the counter.

“I know all about you,” she says, “You, you’re the one brought the Black Plague. You brought it all the time forever. It was always you. You caused all those deaths, all that suffering. Did you like hearing the babies wail and scream? I bet you loved it. All the demons love it. That’s you. You’re a demon. You are evil. I can tell. And I’ll tell you something else: you skunk me up, I’ll skunk you back.”

I stared at her retreating back speechless. She got in her van and drove away. Skunk her up? Because I didn’t pump her gas? Weird. I went back to fronting shelves for about 30 seconds before I thought, “Perhaps I should check the bathroom.” I walked back and push open the door.

Shit. Shit everywhere.

On the walls, the floor the mirror, the sink. All over the toilet lid and the tank. Shit on the door, clearly smeared by hand. And, oh, the stench.

As I turned to get the cleaning supplies, I muttered under my breath, “You skunked me back all right. Yes, you did.”




Club milk

I worked at a 24/7 gas station in a small college town. One night, the club across the street had a fight break out and about 50 people were pepper sprayed by the police when they responded at about 1:30am.

Five minutes later cue 50 angry club goers busting into the store, running to the dairy cooler, dousing themselves in milk and then running back out.

I just stood there in utter udder confusion and then told my boss I didn’t want the late shift anymore.


Hot Pursuit

I watched a truck pull up to one of our pumps. A guy gets out to pump gas and a Durango comes hauling ass from the back of the building. A second guy gets out with a gun aimed at the first guy.

I was on the phone with a friend of mine and said, “Someone just pulled a gun at the pump, I’m going to have to let you go.” I called the cops. Turned out the guy pumping gas had robbed a store three towns over and the Durango was an undercover cop who had been in pursuit.


Yogurts and Preludes

I worked an 11pm – 7am shift in an all night garage for a few months when I was 18. There was this weird Vietnamese dude who drove a white Honda Prelude and always filled up with £6.66 of petrol. He wore the same pair of cutoffs every time, with blotches and bruises all over his legs, and used to literally wander in, leaning against the displays, pick up as many yoghurts as he could carry, pay with a £50 note and stagger out.

One time he came in with these two (obviously prostitute) women who were draped all over him with the biggest pupils I have ever seen. They stood at the counter while I scanned all their yoghurts, and he spoke for the first and only time.

Staring at me, he said to the women “She can join us, can’t she?”

One of the women looked at me and said “You’ll make a lot more money if you come with us, darlin.”

I nervously laughed, took their cash and they left, grinning, in silence.



Paid with tacos

In high school I worked at a 24 pharmacy which also had a small selection of beer. At about 2am this guy walks in three sheets to the wind, saunters over to the beer and grabs two 12 packs. He comes up to the counter and slams the beer down. Reaches into his pocket and pulls out a half eaten taco and puts it on the counter.

I couldn’t say anything because I was so perplexed. I just let him walk out with the beer and told my bosses I thought he might have a gun also. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

A couple weeks later he apperantly tried this at the family-owned gas station across the street and got shot.


Stories have been edited for grammar and format.