This Laptop Stove Design Lets You Cook While on the Internet


If I’m flying through episodes of House of Cards, the last thing I want to do is get out of bed and make something to eat. If only there was a way I could whip up something without ever having to take my eyes off the laptop. Binge-addicts know that pausing is not an option.

So, Dragan Trenchevski, a Macedonia-based designer, created the Electrolux Mobile Kitchen, a concept for a laptop-stove hybrid. The designs for the hybrid will allow one to both peruse the seedy underbellies of Reddit while also stir-frying some veggies. Inspired by notebook computers, it features a four-tier induction cooktop and a cutting board, connected to a touch-screen computer.

The Electrolux Mobile Kitchen is powered by an internal battery, essentially making it a pretty wicked hot plate.

Laptop-Stove-Features-1 Laptop-Stove-Features-2

Imagine never having to go back and forth from stove to computer when working with a new recipe.

On the list of futuristic inventions we need to see now: hover board, laptop stove, personal jetpack.

H/T DesignTaxi, YankoDesign



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