Stove Top Cooks Up Thanksgiving-Themed Line Of Formal Wear

Photo courtesy of Steven Metzer

Thanksgiving is about a week away, and just because holiday gatherings are put on pause doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and enjoy the festivities with your household. 

This year, Stove Top has added a line of Thanksgiving-inspired formal wear that elevates any family meal with a touch of class. 

Photo courtesy of Steven Metzer

Stove Top’s line includes: 

  • A red velvet dinner jacket complete with stuffing lining
  • A reversible Stove Top shawl
  • Stufflinks (stuffing cufflinks set)
  • Stuffed headband
  • Stove Top handkerchief that doubles as a pocket square
Photo courtesy of Steven Metzer

Not gonna lie; these look pretty awesome. I could see myself in that dinner jacket for many holiday parties. 

For anyone interested in checking out the Stove Top line, you can purchase the formal wear at Here’s to a safe Thanksgiving, everyone! 


We May Just Wear Stove Top’s Thanksgiving Dinner Pants All Year

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks out and we’re doing everything we can to ensure we enjoy the much-anticapted family dinner. One of our biggest conundrums, however, is how tight our pants get after we enjoy the first few servings of dinner.

Fortunately, Stove Top might just have the solution to this uncomfortable dilemma.

The stuffing brand has released their own line of Thanksgiving Dinner Pants just ahead of Turkey Day. Stove Top’s maroon dinner pants feature an over the belly waistband, stuffing print, and extra large pockets. Checks off pretty much all our requirements for pants.

You can purchase the pants beginning Nov. 13 for a limited time at for $19.98. The pants are available in sizes from small to extra-large.

Looks like old Pete won’t be needing a belt this year.

Stove Top is also donating $10,000 to Feeding America in the spirit of the holiday season.


Never Scrub Your Stovetop Again With This Cleaning Method [WATCH]


Everyone has their own methods to cleaning stovetop parts, but they’re often  grueling, or inefficient.

There is a pretty clever method that does require some overnight patience, but will leave your stove burners looking new, without the struggle of intense scrubbing.

By simply putting your burners in a Ziploc bag and filling them with clear ammonia, you can watch weeks, even months-worth of grease fall off overnight.

The next morning, you just put a little dish soap on a sponge and gently wipe away any residue.

Of course, scrubbing like crazy works, too, but might as well save yourself the carpal tunnel.

If you’re a fan of cleaning obscure kitchen parts in drastically easier ways, check out the quick tutorial from DIY Super Mom below, and keep that stove clean: