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Stouffer’s LASAGNA MAC Stuffs Mac & Cheese Inside A Lasagna

Photo courtesy of Stouffer’s

In April, Stouffer’s announced one of the freshest mashups to hit the frozen food aisles this year: LasagnaMac

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Stouffer’s Classic Lasagna but with an additional layer of Mac & Cheese thrown inside. 

Many a sleepless night, we’ve sat awake debating whether not to heat up some lasagna or Mac & cheese. This amalgam of the two hearty dishes would finally bring unity to our late-night cravings. 

Here’s the catch, though. 

The Lasagna Mac is only available through an online sweepstakes Stouffer’s is hosting. If successful, however, this could easily hit stores in the not-too-distant future. 

Hey, if fast-food chains can test menu items…

Packaged Food

Stouffer’s Releases New Lasagna Bites

As delicious as lasagna can be, sometimes it’s a bit cumbersome when you have to slice it out into squares and sit down to eat it with a fork. Not knocking on a classic by all means, but a mouth popping, finger food variation could be a welcome convenience when you’re working on your Animal Crossing Island.

Luckily, Stouffer’s just released a new entry to the frozen food aisle in the form of these savory Classic Lasagna Bites.

The new snack features a medley of meat sauce, noodles, mozzarella cheese, and Italian-style herbs packed into a crispy bite-sized breading.

Stouffer’s is also launching Chicken Pot Pie Bites and Bacon White Cheddar Mac Bites in parallel with the Lasagna.

Expect to see these new frozen Stouffer’s bites in the frozen food aisles at major market retailers nationwide in July.

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Lasagna-Stuffed Pizza Is The Italian Food Debacle That Should Rage In Your Mouth


If you’re unfamiliar with Tym Bussanich, he’s the Instagram chef putting together mashups you wouldn’t believe were real, if not for him recording them and posting on his account.

This time, Big Tym dropped his fiery mixtape to the tune of a lasagna-stuffed, deep-dish pizza.

Similar to his McDonald’s cheeseburger pizza recipe, he used pizza dough as the foundation. Bussanich then placed a fully cooked Stouffer’s lasagna over the crust. An additional pizza crust then went over the lasagna, giving it the deep dish feel. Then, he added the cheese and sauce, as the carb-heavy dish was set to go in the oven.

The finishing touch was a buttery topcoat that gave it a nice, golden glow.

By the time it was ready to eat, the cheese pull was second-to-none, as the layers of gooeyness shined as the real MVP in this recipe.

Peep the vid below and bask in the glory of the Lasagna Pizza: