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A Complete List Of U.S. Domino’s Pizza Locations That Still Offer Anchovies

Eight years ago, I tried anchovies for the first time. It was on a Domino’s slice that was paired with Italian sausage, black olives, and a parmesan garlic sauce. Salty, yes, but a taste so phenomenal that my young self would still try to chase such a feeling to this day.

Over the past few years, however, I began to notice that Domino’s locations started to pull the polarizing ingredient from the menu. I found myself having to drive further and further to get a taste of the salted fish.

Frankly, the only way to really find out whether a Domino’s offered anchovy was to either call in or begin building a pizza through the app to see if it was on the list of ingredients.

Wondering if any other anchovy aficionado out there struggled with something similar when the cravings set in, I reached out to Domino’s to see if there was a master list that identified every location that offered the anchovies.

Turns out there was.

Behold, a master list of every Domino’s Pizza location that still offers anchovies. A labor of love for anyone looking to fill their cravings, but don’t know where to look. Enjoy, friends.

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Starbucks Officially Says You Don’t Have To Buy Anything To Sit In Their Stores

Starbucks was under fire last month over an incident in Philadelphia involving the arrest of two African-American men who were waiting in the store, but not buying anything.

While the national coffee chain will still hold employee racial-bias training at the end of the month, Starbucks also went ahead and announced a major change in policy.

According to an official release, the coffee chain stated that any customer is now “welcome to use Starbucks spaces, including our restrooms, cafes and patios, regardless of whether they make a purchase.”

This means you can now sit at a Starbucks, use their bathrooms, and free WiFi without having to pay for a beverage or pastry. If you’re working remotely, and you need a quick WiFi connection, you’ll no longer feel obligated to buy a (relatively) cheap cup of brewed coffee just to send a few different files.


So far, the only stipulations they have are that guests: use the spaces as intended, be considerate of other guests, communicate respect, and act responsibly. Just don’t bring all of your household appliances to recharge or cause a ruckus, and you should be fine.

In a week, Starbucks will be closing all of their stores nationwide for an afternoon to hold that racial-bias seminar. If you need your coffee fix, plan accordingly.

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For The First Time In 40 Years, McDonald’s To Close More Stores Than It’s Opening


McDonald’s has been trying to figure itself for a while now. Between cutting items, trimming down drive-thru and simplifying ingredients, the changes imposed by CEO Steve Easterbrook and McDonald’s Corp. has been admirable for the fast food chain. We have to hand it to them for trying.

However, Easterbrook has announced that McDonald’s will plan on closing almost 700 of its stores.

This marks a historic hit for McDonald’s who hasn’t closed more stores than it’s opening since 1970. Since Securities and Exchange Commission numbers weren’t recorded before 1970, there’s no way to know the actual numbers before that year.

While 700 stores may seem like a big number, compared to McDonalds’ existing stores, it’s not that big of a drop.

Closing the McDonald’s units are said to be part of a strategic review that will help establish future growth in the company, a spokesperson told AP.



Fresh & Easy Is Closing 50 Stores, Here’s What We Know


The Western states are saying goodbye to 50 Fresh & Easy locations, reports the LA Times. In a move that’s said to finance new development and growth, Fresh & Easy is shutting down 30 stores in Southern California and 20 more between Nevada and Arizona.

A spokesperson for the market chain told the Times that the 50 stores closing accounts for about 30 percent of the 167 Fresh & Easys currently operating.

The locations being sold apparently did not meet Fresh & Easy’s criteria for modern convenience, sources say. The stores that escaped the chopping block will be redesigned to meet more modern expectations.

In 2007 the company filed for bankruptcy due to many unprofitable years, shutting down around 50 stores as well.

A complete list of the recent stores set to close can be found here.

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Taco Bell Declares First Step in World Domination With Plans to Construct 1,300 Global Locations


Americans can hardly go a day or two without someone bringing up Taco Bell. In the last few years, the fast food chain has blown up with the release of their Doritos Locos Tacos and redefined bathroom trips with its breakfast waffle tacos. Naturally, expansion was inevitable.

Taco Bell Inc. announced Thursday that they have plans to build 1,300 locations overseas.

With so many Taco Bells in the US, we just assumed they were just as plenty around the world. However, only about 250 international stores exist currently. That’s roughly the same number of stores as in the state of Georgia.

The addition of the proposed 1,300 stores will be a huge expansion for the brand. Taco Bell currently has 5,800 units within the US, opening 200 stores in 2014 alone. The new international stores will add an extra $2 billion in sales annually, said the company.

Parent company Yum Brands has plans to shift Taco Bell’s domestic focus to align with their other fast food babies, KFC and Pizza Hut, which have thousands of restaurants around the world.

That’s a lot of DLTs.

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