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There’s An App That Figures Out What You’re Craving For Lunch

If you often find yourself sitting in a car with your friends, trying to figure out the perfect lunch spot, you know the frustration of searching for restaurant after restaurant, and not being able to figure out what you’re craving.

Fret not, my friends, as a little help is here in the form of an , of course.

It’s called FoodFaves, and it’s actually pretty similar to Tinder, as you swipe left or right on food photos you like, while it tries to figure out the perfect food match for you.

You start off by browsing and selecting some of your favorite restaurants, as it stores them all on your profile. From there, you take what they call a “Crave Quiz,” as photos from your favorite restaurants, and even some additional ones, appear for you to either swipe right in roval, or left if you’re not feeling it.

The more restaurants you select, the more food photos you have to choose from when you’re taking the quiz. After a few selections, it will suggest a restaurant for you. If you’re not feeling their selection, just take the quiz again.

The app’s founder Sydney Epstein, 24, is a New York City-native who felt our pain when trying to find somewhere to eat. She found that the best way to fix this problem was to crowdsource the best food pics restaurants have to offer, have users respond to the photos, and try to find results from it.

In a world where we spend hours on social media, often looking at food photos, there’s probably no better way to decipher what you’re craving than with those photos.

A lot of those food photos come from Instagram or Facebook, depending on what you sync it with. I tried out the , and synced it with my IG account. Some initial thoughts—I felt it didn’t really give great suggestions, but keep in mind that I didn’t have too many restaurants saved in there yet, as I just downloaded the . I chose several pizza photos on the quiz, and a few pasta dishes, yet it recommended In-N-Out for some reason. I’m not totally mad, as In-N-Out is the perfect restaurant when you’re in an indecisive state, but I don’t think it really fit with my swiped selections. It later suggested a New York restaurant, which really does nothing for me here in California. I double checked my location settings, and then peeked outside, and nope, I wasn’t in New York.

It’s still exciting that an like this exists, and I’m going to give it a shot for a while, hoping for some great suggestions. It beats the hell out of scrolling through Yelp for 45 minutes.

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Drinks News

This Is How Two Juice Bottles Cost Dollar General Store $250,000 In A Lawsuit


Two small juice bottles were the subject of a $250,000 lawsuit at Dollar General.

Linda Akins, a cashier at the major dollar retail chain, had taken two bottles of $1.69 orange juice from the cooler at her Tennessee store to help alleviate her diabetic shock, reports KTLA News. She had later paid for the drinks, but the company had let her go because she failed to do so before opening the bottles, per their company policy.

Akins said she asked if she could keep her own juice at her register, though a supervisor denied her request due to a zero food and drink policy at the cashier station. What no one explained to her was that Dollar General had a policy that medical exceptions could be made.

On Akins’ behalf, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission sued Dollar General for $250,000.

Dollar General said that Akins already had accommodations for her where she could keep juice bottles in her apron, hidden under her register (out of camera sight), or in the break room.

Akins was awarded $27,565 in back pay and $250,000 total in damages. Dollar General, disappointed with the ruling, is currently appealing for a new trial.


This Couple Met and Got Married at a Costco


One year ago, Costco enthusiast Robert Bonilla met a woman named Meredith at a California Costco. That day, the two found a connection in the frozen foods section and have been together ever since.

Over the weekend, a year later, the two decided it was time they took their relationship to the next step.

Standing in the frozen foods section of that very Santa Maria store, in front of friends and family members, the two tied the knot. The strangely sweet ceremony was held after store hours, so as not to detract guests from trying free samples and buying protein powder in bulk.

While Costco doesn’t regularly book weddings at their store locations, the company made an exception for the couple upon hearing the circumstances of their meeting.

The couple’s first foray into domestic bliss was to relax and unwind on the store’s double recliners.

h/t KEYT Picthx Vexyvox

Fast Food

Taco Bell Launches New ‘Live Mas’ Store for T-Bell Swag


Anyone who wished they could have their own fancy Taco Bell rings (like the ones we got for Christmas last week) are in luck. Turns out, Taco Bell has recently launched a new “Live Mas” merch store selling all kinds of nifty T-Bell branded swag. Hmph, and here we thought we were special.

The site offers a place where hardcore fans can nab branded Taco Bell notebooks, skateboards, hats, beach towels, t-shirts (including one featuring Taco Bell’s original vintage logo), and more.

It’s probably a little too late for Christmas, but all you late gift exchangers, take heart: all proceeds will go to Taco Bell’s teen charity foundation.

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