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Jack in the Box Tests Hella-Peño Burger in San Francisco, Of Course


On a recent trip to San Francisco, Foodbeast’s own Elie Ayrouth spotted the latest burger behemoth (below) from Jack in the Box. Not-so-subtly named after Northern California’s signature lexicon, the Hella-peño burger packs, ahem, hella chopped jalapeños, three fried jalapeño poppers, an ungodly amount of melted cheese, and taco sauce.

As you can see from the above photo snapped by Instagram user @juangalt (who appropriately hashtagged #shame), the chain did not skimp on the hot peppers.

Unsurprisingly, the burger is part of Jack’s Munchie Menu, which launched back in September. The late night menu includes similar stoner dreams such as the cheeseburger topped with a grilled cheese sandwich, a mozzarella-stuffed chicken sandwich and loaded nuggets squirted with ranch and cheese. At the moment, the limited-time item seems to only be testing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here’s to hoping this late-night item makes its way to Southern California and the rest of the States soon.





Celebrate 4/20 in Style: National Lima Bean Respect Day


Nothing says 4/20 like coming home to a nice, fat bowl of green…lima beans?

That’s right, folks. April 20th might be the highlight of the month for stoners around the country, but it also happens to be National Lima Bean Respect Day. Because apparently lima beans just doesn’t get enough respect the rest of the year. We won’t make any assumptions about the people who first came up with the idea for a Lima Bean Respect Day…but there are a lot of stoner social justice vegetarians out there. Just saying.

Anyone looking to pay the dignified bean its proper share of respect while still celebrating 4/20 in style could always throw a handful of lima beans into the inevitable 4/20 munchies-motivated foodfest. We bet the lima beans won’t mind.

PicThx OC Historical