These Former Apple Employees Created User-Friendly Weed Edibles

This November California voters will have the opportunity to vote on cannabis legalization the in Golden State. However, the legalization movement is already spreading quickly with the success of states that have already passed recreational use policies, like Colorado and Washington State.

Now, with loosened regulations around cultivation and legalization, new businesses are beginning to jump at the opportunity to create the newest trends in cannabis culture — specifically with edibles. From weed gummy bears to extract-based gelato, as the market for these weed-based eats is expanding, companies are working hard to make using these psychoactive-products enjoyable — and safe.

The Oakland-based edible company, Dèfoncè Chocolatier, which is linked to former Apple employees, is working to create an aesthetically-pleasing, and ‘user-friendly’ edible that won’t make you feel like you’re in a Salvador Dali painting.

With an innovative pyramid shaped design, the culinary-cannabis engineers behind the brand wanted to eliminate the guessing game when it comes to users trying to figure out how large of a dose they should consume — or have already consumed.

By incorporating the geometrical shapes into the chocolate bar, the company was able to precisely measure the amount of THC in every bar and include a diagram of recommended doses.



As the canna-business industry begins to merge into the legal realm, it’s refreshing to see companies like Dèfoncè Chocolatier paving the way for new concepts that will change the way people think about and interact with the recreational cannabis industry.


15 Hilarious Times Getting High F***ed Up Your Meal

Most regular smokers have discovered their limits by now when it comes to smoking. For the most part, you know that you can take four hits from a joint, three hits from a pipe and maybe one solid rip from big enough bong. Edibles are another beast altogether that I’m certain nobody will ever really have a grip on.

Well, if you’ve been high before, you’ve probably done something ridiculous, especially when it comes to food, whether it’s making something ridiculous, eating something ridiculous or being ridiculously gluttonous.

High Times magazine had their Instagram followers post some of the dumbest things they’ve done while high. Hilarity ensues.

1. “I was gonna make a red velvet cake, but I started eating the batter and watching tv and ended up eating the entire bowl of batter.”

2. “I asked my dog to get me a bottle of water and when he didn’t, I cried.”

3. “I spent 25 dollars on snacks at 7-Eleven and walked out with just a Red Bull.”

4. “Left the remote in the fridge.”

5. “Ate dog treats.”

6. “I ate spaghetti with a potato chip.”

7. “I charged my Hot Pocket and microwaved my phone.”

8. “I freaked the fuck out because I thought a ghost took my spoon, but it was really under my cereal in my bowl.”

9. “I ate half of a fake pear.”

10. “Beat my friend with a banana peel”

11. “I blew on Hot Cheetos to cool them off.”

12. “I went to Walmart and walked up to someone working and started ordering food then just walked away.”

13. “I put the whole gallon of milk in the microwave.”

14. “Ashed most of my blunt in my beer and continued to drink it for about 10 minutes till my friend told me he watched me ash in it multiple times.”

15. “Drank my bong water thinking it was water.”




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