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Watch Stone Cold Steve Austin Destroy Spicy Wings On Hot Ones

Stone Cold Steve Austin, the baddest beer-drinking, mud-stompin’ sumbitch on the planet just met his match in the form of spicy chicken wings.

The WWE legend jumped on First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” YouTube series to put his toughness to the test for the first time since his retirement from pro wrestling.

While Stone Cold has a podcast where he lays out everything about the wrestling business and his days as a wrestler, both Sean Evans and the insatiably hot wings brought out some awesome tidbits about the WWE Hall of Famer, such as his favorite margarita recipe, drinking 128 cans of beer with fellow wrestlers Stacey Keibler and the Dudley Boyz, and literally shitting his trunks in the middle of a match with Yokozuna.

The Texas Rattlesnake rattled off all 10 of the spicy wings like a true World Heavyweight Champion and didn’t even break a sweat. Austin closed season 9 of arguably one of the best YouTube shows out there, and we can only hope that The Rock will make his way to Hot Ones to complete the WWE Attitude Era trinity of Stone Cold, The Rock, and Chris Jericho.

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Stone Cold Tried Vegan Food For The First Time, And His Experience Was Gold

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a legendary professional wrestler best known for flipping people off, drinking beer, and taking down Donald Trump. He is a part of a lot millennial childhoods, as a generation of even casual wrestling fans remember the bald-headed, foul-mouthed redneck.

When you think about Stone Cold, you probably don’t immediately think, “vegan,” but his wife is actually vegetarian, and finally convinced him to try a vegan restaurant.

On  Austin’s most recent Broken Skull Ranch podcast he detailed his first vegan experience,and believe it or not, the “Texas Rattlesnake” actually enjoyed the meatless dinner. From buffalo cauliflower, to a “goatless” Greek salad, Austin said it was all “pretty got dang good.”

He detailed his dinner experience as only Stone Cold could, and it was pretty hilarious, as you can imagine.

For one, he didn’t know that there would be zero meat options at the vegan restaurant. I know you’re thinking why in the hell would he think they’d have meat? But his reasoning was reasonable. He thought since most standard restaurants have a few vegetarian options on the menu, a vegan would have a few meat options for non-vegans.

That’s not how veganism works, unfortunately.

Then came a dish suggestion with plantains, and Austin had no idea what a plantain was. In a panic, Austin used his WWE impromptu skills and told the waiter, dead in the eye:

“I’m a plantain activist, and I do not believe in the harming of plantains.”

As ridiculous as that sounds, Austin said the waiter actually apologized for even suggesting a plantain-based dish.

The former WWE Champion was clearly out of his element, but thankfully he found some IPAs at the bar that he enjoyed, and he was back in his comfort zone.

Stone Cold doesn’t seem to venture out much in the food and drink world, which was evident the first time he tried “girly” cocktails, but damn, it’s amazing when he does.

I could watch or listen to Austin experience new food all damn day, and that’s the bottom line…

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Stone Cold Steve Austin Recalls The Night He Chugged 115 Beers In Japan With Stacy Keibler and The Dudley Boyz

Former WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t fighting much these days, but in his hey day, Austin was known for pounding beers like there was no tomorrow.

On the latest episode of The Texas Rattlesnake’s podcast, he recalled a time when he and three other former wrestlers knocked back 115 beers during a show in Japan.

If you want to hear it, he starts talking about it at the 1:07:00 mark in the embed below:

In his podcast called the Steve Austin Show, Austin recalls a story where he, Stacy Keibler, Bubba Ray, and D-Von Dudley, had a historic drinking night that Austin admitted was the most he had ever drank.

“Were you in Japan the time we did the beer bash with the Dudleys and Stacy Keibler? … We went through 115 beers that night, and that was the most I ever went through,” Austin told former WWE timekeeper Mark Yeaton, guest of this particular podcast episode.

Now this is coming from a guy who chugs at least 12 cans of beer at the end of every match. Granted, half of them would spill all over the wrestling ring.

Wrestling fans might hear this and think, ‘Well, yeah. It’s Stone Cold. Drinking beer is what he does,’ but 115 beers is pretty crazy.

As crazy as that story is, it pales in comparison to what former wrestler Andre the Giant used to drink, as there have been claims of him chugging up to 156 beers on his own, and even drinking six bottles of Mateus Rosé before every match.

There seems to be a trend between wrestlers and insane amounts of beer, and each story sounds crazier than the next.

h/t bleacher report, picthx facebook

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Stone Cold, Carlton and the Karate Kid Want You to Eat More Wendy’s Pulled Pork


Wendy’s released a public service announcement to bring attention to a nationwide problem called BBQ Inaccessibility.

They brought in the big guns as Stone Cold Steve Austin; Alfonso Ribeiro, famously known for playing Carlton in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air; and the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, all expressed their concern with BBQ-deprived areas in the US.

In the most serious tone, Ribeiro kicks off the commercial by informing us of the problem. Macchio then damn near cries when sharing his experience living in New York City where he said BBQ is scarce. Stone Cold then opens up a can of whoop-ass on the commercial by supporting the cause with a cheesy #BBQ4merica hashtag.

Of course, Wendy’s is trying to push their new lineup of pulled pork offerings, as that’s how they plan on helping these BBQ-deprived areas.

Unfortunately, they totally missed the opportunity to have Stone Cold do a Stunner on the Karate Kid while Carlton did his world-famous dance.