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Livestream Yourself Eating Dumplings At World’s First ‘Mukbang’ Restaurant

Beijing8 in Europe just opened a section of its restaurant where you can sit in front of a camera, chow down on their dumplings, and broadcast it live for the world to see.

In simpler terms, they’re letting you do some Mukbang.

If you’re not familiar with “Mukbang” culture, it’s basically a Korean trend where people livestream themselves eating large amounts of food, while simultaneously talking to viewers, and even taking requests on how to eat it. It has become quite the phenomenon over the years, and some are actually making a good living out of it.

Beijing8 has setup these Mukbang stations in all three of its restaurants in Hornstull and Gothenburg in Sweden and Helsinki, Finland.

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They claim to be the world’s first Mukbang restaurant, and it’s a little disappointing that a restaurant in Korea couldn’t get the jump on it, but you never know if this kind of thing will catch on and make its way to its country of origin.

Even then, one of the cool things about Mukbang is being able to do it in the comfort of your own home, so who knows what this leads to, but it might just become one of those things that you want to try at least once. Plus, there’s always the human desire of getting attention, which is why Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and even Snapchat exist.

If you want random people to watch you eat dumplings, here’s your spot.

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New Study Shows That Loud Surroundings Are Making Us Fat


If your noisy neighbors weren’t annoying enough, a new study shows they might also make you fat. According a team of Swedish researchers, a study on the effects of metabolism discovered a link between environmental noise and weight gain.

The study observed 5,000 people in Stockholm. Residents near noisy areas like airports, train tracks, or loud blocks, were found to be chubbier than their counterparts living in quieter areas.

Loud noises can lead to lack of sleep and cause prolonged stress. However, the researchers also hypothesized that the environmental noise also increased cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone known to stimulate fat growth.

According to the study, living by traffic will make people 0.21 centimeters thicker. Those living by a railroad were 0.46 centimeters fatter. Those living in an area with planes flying overhead will gain 0.99 centimeters.

While there’s really nothing those who live in metropolitan cities can do about this, it’s something interesting to keep in mind the next time residents are up all night thanks to environmental noise.