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Sour Patch Kids Sneakers Are Perfect For Those Obsessed With The Candy

Sour Patch Kids has been dropping collabs all over the place recently, ranging from cereals to ice cream. Their latest, however, isn’t actually a food, but a new basketball shoe collab between the candy, Under Armour, and basketball superstar Steph Curry.

The new limited-edition Curry 7 Sour Patch Kids collection just recently dropped in China. Marked with Sour Patch Kids all over the inside of the shoe, the outside comes in two colorways: peach and lime. Sour Patch Kids can also be found on the heel backing and pull tab of the shoe.

Sadly, purchasing these sneakers does not get you a free bag of Sour Patch Kids on the side, but there’s some unique tissue paper featuring the sweets and Steph’s own logo on the inside. Could make for some unique wrapping paper, perhaps?

If you want to snag a pair for your collection, these will drop on Under Armour’s website, in their stores, and at other select retailers nationwide on November 29th. Each pair will cost $140.

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Watch Steph Curry Chug Beers After Crashing A Random House Party

No afterparty is complete without @stephencurry30 randomly rolling in asking to party..

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If Steph Curry ever randomly crashes your house party in the middle of the night, make sure you record every second of it until he leaves the building.

After attending his old teammate Harrison Barnes’s wedding, Curry decided to hit the streets of Rhode Island, looking for an after-party. When he heard loud music coming from a nearby house, he and five other friends strolled in, and joined the fun, according to TMZ.

Yes, Steph Curry seriously showed up to some random person’s party and chugged some Bud Lights. Granted he spilled half the can of beer on his shirt, it looked like Curry was having a blast that night.

Instagram videos and photos surfaced from the party, as party attendee Jim Marrinan documented the strange occurrence, and it’ll probably be the most memorable shindig that group will ever have.


What Steph Curry Does To A Water Cup Proves He Might Be A Super Hero


Even if you don’t follow basketball or the NBA, you’ve likely heard some magical things about the Golden State Warriors, specifically, their record breaking point guard Stephen Curry. In many circles, he is considered one of the greatest shooters in NBA history.

His passing game is aight too, considering this most recent post-game snippet of him derailing a potential “I’m spilling water on you” prank from teammate Draymond Green. In the video (see below), Draymond is set to pour water on his teammate, but Curry isn’t about to get wet:

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn Curry. That’s some telepathic, telekinesis, super power no-look shit right there. It looks like that towel flew 20 feet just to knock a mini cup out of his teammate’s hand.

Game. Over.