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Stella Artois Starts Program to Help Bartenders Make the Perfect Pour

To celebrate our first March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day IRL in a few years, Stella Artois is raising a chalice and giving back to the backbone of the hospitality industry – bartenders – via its “Perfect Pour.”

The program plans to educate bartenders that will ensure that customers experience a perfectly poured beer every time. A Perfect Pour requires fresh beer and clean draught lines, served in a chalice with a head of foam, and presented with a smile. Stella Artois is dedicated to engaging bartenders to ensure that each beer is served precisely the same way each time it’s ordered. Through the “Perfect Pour,” Stella Artois will provide bartenders with quality-focused training sessions, host “Perfect Pour Day,” and engage the bartender community with local events.

“It’s no secret the industry has seen tremendous change and staffing challenges and turnovers over the past two years. And with March as the busiest month in the on-premise, we’re proud to launch Stella Artois’s Perfect Pour initiative to assist training servers on the importance of quality execution with every single pour,” says Tony Romano, Vice President, On-Premise Sales, Anheuser-Busch.

Bars and restaurants have faced an unprecedented two years. As consumers return to their favorite bars and restaurants, bartenders are on the frontlines providing that quality experience that brings us all together for more cheers.

On March 9th, Stella Artois hosted bartenders for the “Perfect Pour Day,” a day that will provide them with a refresher of all the tips, tricks, and tools necessary to fine-tune the craft of pouring beer into a glass and mastering the perfect Stella Artois chalice.

The day’s training sessions was by two of the only 20 Master Cicerones in the entire world, Ryan Daley and Max Bakker, who shared tips and tricks of the trade that will help bartenders advance their pouring skills. The event was hosted by Saturday Night Live frontman Mikey Day.

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Stella Artois Introduces Liberté Non-Alcoholic Beer

Introducing Stella Artois Liberté, a new 0.0% non-alcoholic option designed to give you more. Stella Artois is raising the bar and giving fans a new reason to savor. 

After the year we’ve had, it’s safe to say that people are eager to go back out and grab a beer with their loved ones, those they haven’t seen in over a year, or even the simple opportunity to meet new people — and everyone deserves to raise a toast. Stella Artois Liberté gives everyone the chance to truly savor life to the fullest without sacrifice.

As people start traveling and going out more, Liberté gives you the freedom from missing a beat enabling you to stay in the moment longer and later, the option to say yes to one more round and the confidence to be present. Gone are the days of limiting yourself  — Liberté allows you to quench your thirst while keeping your cool all night and savoring life, together.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer fans our classic Stella Artois lager as a non-alcoholic version of the brew. It’s the perfect addition to round out our Stella portfolio. With this new innovation, we want to provide people the liberty  to enjoy more of life’s special moments with those that matter most,” said Peter Van Overstraeten, Vice President of Premium and Super Premium USA at Anheuser-Busch.

Stella Artois Liberté will come in the classic 11.2oz glass bottle and a redesigned blue label, containing a full-flavored premium alcohol-free lager with a well-balanced flavor of malt sweetness, crisp hop bitterness, and clean finish. The new product is being introduced this September and will be pouring into select markets including New York, Washington D.C., Miami, and Philadelphia.

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Stella Artois’ New Bottle Will Help Support Restaurants

As restaurants across the country look to reopen in the coming months, up to 80% of them are reportedly still at risk of permanent closure. Stella Artois, in partnership with The James Beard Foundation, will be supporting the hospitality industry with the release of an aluminum “Open for Good” bottle that will contribute a portion of the proceeds towards helping the industry.

“Over the last year, our work with the James Beard Foundation has allowed us to support restaurants from the start of the pandemic. With the return to full capacity, we hope this new product offering can further support the industry to safely return to operating as we remember them,” said Lara Krug, VP of Marketing, Stella Artois.

Named after the James Beard Foundation’s Open for Good campaign, the new “Open for Good” aluminum bottle not only supports the restaurant industry but gives back with proceeds from each bottle sold benefitting the campaign. Over the past year, the Open for Good campaign has supported chefs by leveraging their voices to advocate for the industry, provided direct financial relief, and created critical resources and connections for the industry.

The “Open for Good” bottles will also give consumers an opportunity to participate in rebuilding the restaurant industry and will feature custom QR code that allows consumers to take steps to further recognize and support their favorite local restaurants. 

“As a longtime supporter of the Foundation, we’re excited to have partnered with Stella Artois over the past year to do all we can to help the independent restaurant industry survive by providing financial grants as part of our Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund, delivering more than 80 webinars to help the industry navigate things like PPP loan forgiveness and enhanced safety protocols, and delivering financial relief via our Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans,” says Clare Reichenbach, Chief Executive Officer, James Beard Foundation.

The “Open for Good” bottles are a part of Stella Artois’ upcoming campaign, “Your Table Is Ready,” dedicated to bringing people back to restaurant tables. “Your Table Is Ready” is part of Anheuser-Busch’s “Let’s Grab A Beer” platform that aims to make the moments we come together over a Stella Artois even better.

Stella Artois and the James Beard Foundation came together for other programs, like “Dining Together, Apart,” “Far From You, But Yes I Do,” and “Stella Sessions@Home,” where a portion of proceeds from all Stella Artois purchased on-premise went to the James Beard Foundation. Additionally, in November 2020, Stella Artois donated a portion of proceeds from all Stella Artois purchased nationally in bars and restaurants to the James Beard Foundations’ “Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black & Indigenous Americans.”

The custom-designed aluminum structure with a sturdy bottle and premium inks is distinctly different the classic Stella Artois bottle. The 14 oz Stella Artois “Open for Good” bottle will be available starting June 7th at participating restaurants nationwide.

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Stella Artois Has A New Black Lager To Ring In The Season

Stella Artois recently announced the launch of Midnight Lager, its first limited-edition seasonal beer. The new holiday brew is a rich black lager with notes of Belgian dark chocolate and freshly brewed espresso.

To celebrate the launch, the brand will bring its new beer to historic Sleepy Hollow, NY on Halloween. As a nod to the local lore of the Headless Horseman, Stella released a map of seven locations along a spooky route to offer visitors a first taste before you can get it nationwide.

Fans can stop by J. P. Doyle’s and The Hudson Anchor for free pours of Midnight Lager from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Other nearby bars, including Set Back Inn, The Tavern at Croton Landing and The Grandstand, will also have the beer available for purchase during those same hours, while supplies last.

“Stella Artois was originally brewed as a holiday gift for the town of Leuven in Belgium, so we know a thing or two about the holiday season and wanted to give a new gift to our consumers,” said Lara Krug, VP, Stella Artois. “The rich taste of Stella Artois Midnight Lager along with the deep, warm notes perfectly complements the cold crisp weather and will be the brew worth toasting with this holiday season. We’re excited to kick off our holiday spirit a little early this year on Halloween in Sleepy Hollow!”

The 5.4% ABV lager will be packaged in a black and gold bottle – inspired by the midnight sky itself. Stella Artois Midnight Lager will be available nationwide next Monday (Nov. 4).


Put Your $6 Stella in this $500 Swarovski Crystal Chalice


Budding beer snobs are quick to write it off as the “Budweiser of Europe.” But sure, let’s go ahead and pony up $500 to make our Stella Artois slightly less high-end-piss-watery. In fact, we’re getting faint notes of pretentiousness with just a hint of this-is-why-you’re-broke.

Supposedly to harken back to the brand’s early days as a holiday-special beer, Stella Artois has partnered with Austrian luxury glass company Swarovski to create a limited-edition Stella Artois Crystal Chalice for the holiday season.


According to the press release, each glass is hand-blown and features a platinum rim around the bowl — excellent for laughing at your reflection when you realize you just dropped half a grand on a cup for a beer whose nickname in England is “wife beater.”

For that much, we’d expect this glass to be self-chilling and self-cleaning, but, of course, no such luck:

“As with all fine stemware, the Stella Artois Crystal Chalice should be hand-washed only.”



The Fancy-Shmancy Swarovski Stella Chalice: $500 @ Fancy


Stella Artois Brings Upscale ‘European-Style’ Cider to American Markets


Stella Artois will take its best shot at conquering the American apple cider market on May 13th with the release of their new Stella Artois Cidre — a “European-style” brew that’s definitely not your grandma’s apple cider. Traditional American-style cider is on the sweeter side and brings back fond memories for those of us who first tried cider while gnawing on fried chicken at the country fair, whereas European-style cider dials down the sweetness in exchange for a more varied flavor palate and an excuse to feel extra-sophisticated.

Stella Artois’ take on cider is drier and more savory, with “a more complex taste profile” than leading American ciders. This has Stella Artois industry heads hoping that their cider will overtake white wine as the drink of choice at classy American dinner parties. (Fun fact: Hard cider is also referred to as “apple wine,” which sounds a little more upscale than “alcoholic apple juice.”) For the record, Stella Artois Cidre pairs best with most cheeses, fish, and chicken — just not country fair fried chicken. American cider is still probably best for that.


Beer Goes High Fashion with Photographer Annie Leibovitz


If the name ‘Leibovitz’ sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve seen her work, probably in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, or just that killer Disney-themed series she did a few years ago. If the word ‘beer’ sounds familiar, it’s because it’s beer.


Video of the Day: Stella Artois 'The Tap'

As I drink more Stella, I realize exactly why I love this beer. Here is one of the many reasons; the perfection of how it should be served.