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This Strawberry Milk Bun is the Creepy Collaboration Between Circle K Sunkus and Menstruation Tracking Website Luna Luna


Sometimes collaborations are a match made in food heaven, case in point, Doritos Locos Tacos. Then there’s those other times when things shouldn’t be mixed, like the idea of a convenience store partnering up with a menstruation tracking website to create a snack food. No, just no.

Making its debut on January 14 in Japan, Circle K Sunkus stores will carry Luna Luna Strawberry Cream Milk Buns for 116 Yen or $1.10 USD. Definitely not as cute and way creepier than Hello Kitty steamed buns, Luna Luna buns are dyed light pink filled with strawberry soy milk cream and come adorned with the Luna Luna rabbit logo. As if things couldn’t get weirder the buns come wrapped complete with wise words of female wisdom such as “Don’t say ‘Let’s grab a bite sometime’ unless you really mean it.” Word.

Why we need sweet buns based on a site that tracks your period is beyond me but if you happen to be in Japan check out these pink treats, if you dare.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News 24

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