Epic Video Game Trailer Starring a Slice of Bread Will Make You Cry

Sliced bread is frequently referred to as “the best thing” when compared to other innovations, but after all these years of us taking it for granted, we can now know what it is like to be a slice of bread.

Bossa Nova Studios, who brought the world Surgeon Simulator earlier this year, released I am Bread on December 3.

For less than $10, you can frustratingly climb cabinets and toilet seats in an attempt to get toasted. The toaster is the obvious method, but evidently any appliance emitting heat will do the trick.

Bossa Nova Studios released a pretty humorous trailer that makes the simulation feel like a horror film with an unusual villain:

The current version of this bread simulation game is available on Steam as a beta test; an official launch is set for next year.

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A Video Game About a Piece of Bacon Fighting Evil Was Green-Lit by Steam


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a walking, humanoid piece of bacon that shoots from a toaster gun, is dressed like the American flag and battles other food-inspired characters, this is it. A video game is currently in development where the main character is a bacon-themed superhero who is fighting for his life.

Bacon Man is an action game that incorporates the nostalgia of the ’90s in the form of a side scroller, taking inspiration from classic titles like Mega Man X, Earthwork Jim and Rayman. The game is a combination of fighting, shooting and physics with the added charm of a porktastic protagonist. Because nothing says America like a piece of bacon dressed in red, white and blue.

The 3D-rendered world is inspired by the different food groups. Players begin in The Freezer and continue through the game toward the Meat Zone, the Dairy Zone, Pomegranate City, the deserts of Udon and Vegan Valley before arriving at the final level.


The story seems pretty solid too, in a Count of Monte Cristo kind of way. Bacon Man is framed by the Food Kings for the murder of Old King Roast Beef. It starts off with a prison break where Bacon Man travels through all the food worlds fighting to clear his name and exact revenge on those who framed him.

The project has been officially given the green light by Steam, a digital game distribution and social networking platform, and currently in development by Skymap Games. However, they’re still going through a round of funding.  At time of publication they’ve reached $3,731 of a $20,000 Kickstarter goal with 29 days left to go.

Way more thought out than potato salad.

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