Grill Masters Who’ve Each Cooked Over 1 Million Steaks Give Their #1 Tip For The Perfect Steak

I’ve cooked my fair share of steaks over the past few decades. Some came out fantastic, while others were either too dry or lacked the proper flavor needed to truly stand out. Eventually my efforts grew more consistent as time passed, but I always wondered how my earlier attempts would have fared had I received some sage words of wisdom from some steak grilling professionals.

When I go to a steakhouse, it bums me out how noticeably different tastes, textures, and sears are on a steak compared to my paltry attempt at home.

LongHorn Steakhouse is an iconic restaurant chain that’s known for serving up juicy filets of beef by the hundreds on a daily basis. The chain began celebrating what they’re calling Grill Legends, grill cooks at the restaurant who have put in the hours and hit the incredible landmark of cooking up more than one million steaks.

Only four grill masters, out of thousands, have achieved this milestone.

I spoke to Grill Master Legends, and asked them to share with me the wisdom they gained through cooking steaks at such a high volume for a majority of their life. Here’s what they had to say:

Simi Tamaseu (Jacksonville Beach, FL)

Cardinal rules of steak:

“It’s important to have the right grill to cook on. Whether it’s a flat top grill or a char grill, make sure your cooking surface is clean, with a nice high temperature (around 500-550 degrees).”

Other tips include:

  • Make sure you’re picking the right size of steak for what you’re cooking. If you’re cooking a rare steak, choose a thicker cut of beef.
  • Always use fresh steaks, never frozen.

Mike Mort (Rome, GA)

Cardinal rules of steak:

“Always apply bold seasonings to the steak, coating both sides of the meat thoroughly because some of the seasoning will fall off the steak if using a char grill. I also like to put steaks in different zones on the grill to help me remember which ones are rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done. That way, we can always ensure a guest gets their steak just like they ordered.”

Other tips include:

  • Pick the right steak for the right temperature. (Well,thinner) (Rare, thicker)
  • Flat iron steak is a cheap cut of steak that cooks very well and is one of the most popular.
  • The perfect resting time for a steak is immediately, timed for about three minutes for it to travel from the grill to the table.

Choya Phillips (Madison, TN)

Cardinal rules of steak:

“You have to really respect the time and make sure every steak you cook is pretty much right. If you’re not taking your time, you can pretty much mess up any steak.”

Other tips include:

  • Ribeye steaks have the best marbling.
  • Take your time selecting the right cut of steak before cooking.
  • The perfect resting time is no more than 5 minutes after its off the grill.

Kurt Frazer (Covington, GA)

Cardinal rules of steak:

“When grilling a steak on a char grill, always make sure the grill is hot [and clean]. That way, you can get a nice sear on the steak.”

Other tips include:

  • There are no specific steaks that are great for beginners, you just have to jump in there and get familiar with the trend of the cook. You just keep doing it each day until you master it.
  • It’s a matter of what technique works for you.
  • Take the steak out of the fridge for about 30 minutes before going on the grill.
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16-Pound Tomahawk Steak Is The Regal Feast Of Your Carnivorous Dreams

Las Vegas is the capitol of decadence and there have been many instances where larger-than-life dishes satiated our eyes before they melted in our mouths. One such dish is a massive 16-pound Tomahawk Crown Roast found on the menu of MB Steak at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas that may or may not be a boss from Shadow of the Colossus.

The luxury steakhouse serves the $1,200 meal with a table side presentation, designed for 10 to 12 diners. Executive chef Patrick Munster slow roasts the 16-pounds of beef overnight at a low temperature to keep the cut as succulent as possible. It’s then cooked to a medium rare and carved in front of patrons in a spectacle of beef and bone.

MB’s tomahawk dinner comes with a selection of side dishes that are shared family style including lobster mac & cheese, creamed corn with king crab, maitake mushrooms with aged goat cheese, and creamed spinach with a poached egg and truffle gouda.

If you’re heading to Vegas and want to share this experience with a dozen of your closest friends and meat lovers, just be sure to call ahead. The tomahawk roast requires a minimum of 72 hours of advanced notice.

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This Laguna Beach Steakhouse Serves An EPIC 40-Ounce ‘Lord Stanley’ Wagyu Cut

Chances are, if you’re choosing to go to a steakhouse, you’re looking to wine, dine, and be impressed by some perfectly cooked, high quality cuts of meat. We’re here to tell you that if you live in Southern California, we know a spot where that’ll happen every time – Selanne Steak Tavern. They have a 40-ounce cut of wagyu ribeye on the menu, and it’s sure to impress.

This “Lord Stanley” cut of steak can be found at Selanne Steak Tavern in Laguna Beach, California. This spot is owned by NHL legend and former Anaheim Ducks player, Teemu Selanne. Inside you’ll find the Stanley Cup and his many Olympic medals in a display case. On the meaty side, the Lord Stanley is Selanne’s crown jewel, crafted to life by Executive Chef, Josh Severson.

Chef Severson begins with a 40-ounce cut of Australian wagyu rib chop, which looks like a massive and delicious steak tomahawk. He then treats it with simplicity to bring out the meat’s natural flavors, adding just salt and pepper before searing it on a flat top griddle. The steak is then transferred to an infrared deck oven to get the temperature perfect every time.

Severson’s signature steak comes with a savory side dish of pan-roasted King Trumpet mushrooms. They’re paired with shallots, Cippolini onions, garlic, Madeira wine, and butter to round out and boost the mushroom’s meaty, umami tastes.The flavor train doesn’t stop there, though, as the wagyu rib chop gets basted with more butter and herbs before being topped with the mushrooms. The final touch to Selanne’s steak masterpiece is a healthy dollop of marrow butter, imbued with truffle and shallots for a knockout umami punch.

Selanne’s Lord Stanley takes steak and indulgence to the extreme. If you’re looking to treat yourself while in Laguna Beach, this wagyu dinner is the perfect way to do it.

Created in partnership with Visit Laguna Beach

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Outback Steakhouse Is Loading Their Bloomin’ Onions With Baby Back Ribs And Cheese Fries

Photo: Outback Steakhouse

Last year, Outback Steakhouse created a 3-Point Bloomin’ Onion in honor of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. The loaded variation featured the restaurant chain’s iconic appetizer, topped with cheese fries, and center-cut sirloin steak bites.

Needless to say, it checked off all of our criteria for a hearty appetizer.

This year, however, the 3-Point Bloomin’ Onion is taking on another form. The new 3-Point Rib Bloom features the steakhouses’ signature Bloomin’ Onion topped with Aussie Cheese Fries (fries topped with bacon, Monterey Jack, and Cheddar), and four BBQ Baby Back Ribs. Now I know how some people feel about ranch dressing, but if there was ever a prime candidate to serve with a bucket of that tangy nectar of the gods stolen from Mt. Olympus, the Rib Bloom would be it.

Outback’s new Rib Bloom will be available through the end of March Madness.

Imagine if they combined the ribs and the steak bites for next year’s promotion…

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This Uni and Caviar-Topped Filet Mignon Is Surf & Turf At Its Finest

We’ve had surf and turf before, but not like this. Oh boy, not like this.

Salt + Charcoal, a steakhouse located in Brooklyn, NY, is serving a massive filet mignon that’s topped with uni and caviar.

Hand selected by the restaurant’s chef Tadaaki Ishizaki, the 50-day dry-aged cut of beef is grilled over organic wood charcoal on a custom-made crank designed by the chef himself to most effectively utilize the heat and flavor of the steak. What a pioneer.

The steak is spread with a seaweed umami sauce made from a combination of kombu and moshio salt. It’s then topped with a hefty amount of Maine uni and ikura caviar. To say this dish is decadent would be the understatement of the year.

Lowkey hating our NYC family for getting to try this before we did. Lowkey.

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A Drive-Thru In Uruguay Is Selling STEAK


Photo: Las Nenas Steakhouse

When we go to a drive-thru in America, we are usually getting cheap burgers, fries, or other greasy dishes that don’t hurt our wallets. It’s quick, cheap, filling, and low in nutrition.

In Uruguay, instead of getting traditional fast food out of the drive-thru, you can get top-grade cuts of meat instead.

According to Munchies, this drive-thru is located in the upscale seaside town of Punta Del Este, and is attached to the recently opened Las Nenas Steakhouse. At the drive-thru window, you can order raw cuts of meat to cook yourself, or get your cut of choice grilled to order. The steaks are grass-fed, USDA certified organic, and free range – making this beef some of the highest quality meat you’ll get out of a drive thru.

There’s also some local sandwiches, potato-based sides like boniato (sweet potato), and even wine available at the window.

Customers can get their meat fix ordered ahead of time as well by using an app that the store offers, making it easy and convenient to pick up your steaks – cooked or raw – and enjoy the carnivorous pleasures that come with a solid piece of beef.

While this drive-thru is definitely WAY pricier than American fast food drive-thrus, its a super cool concept. Rollin’ up to the window and picking up steaks? Talk about class on the go.

I’d definitely love to see a drive-thru like this in the United States, but figuring out how to scarf down my steak in the car would be a challenge. If I ordered a steak at a drive-thru, there’s no way it’s making it back home.

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This Restaurant Serves A Mean Foie Gras Old Fashioned

The infamous foie gras ban was lifted in California two years ago, and restaurants are having a blast incorporating the fatty duck liver into everyday foods and drinks.

Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse in Downtown Los Angeles just announced a brand-new cocktail that incorporates foie gras into a fat-based cocktail: The Foie Gras Old Fashioned.

The foie gras is rendered until there’s an excess of fat on the frying pan. The fat is then strained and filtered multiple times and stored for 24 hours before serving.


Using Whistle Pig Whiskey, the rendered fat is mixed with the hard liquor. Sugars, bitters, and an orange peel are also added to the drink with garnished pieces of seared foie gras.

Evan Charest, corporate mixologist of the Pantina Restaurant Group, drew inspiration from the drink ‘Benton’s Old Fashioned’, which utilized bacon fat. Charest realized he hadn’t seen anyone do a take on foie gras, and wanted to create something a little more high-end for his regulars.

You can find it permanently on Nick & Stef’s cocktail menu starting December.

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Taco Bell Just Announced A Steakhouse Burrito And Nachos Filled With Queso

It seems like Taco Bell is slowly creeping up into steakhouse territory, now that they’ve cornered the Doritos market. The fast food chain announced that they’re introducing two new items, inspired by the classic steakhouse, that’ll hit national locations immediately.

The first will be a Steakhouse Burrito featuring grilled steak, potatoes bites, three cheeses, sour cream, and Green Chile Queso wrapped in a flour tortilla.


If you enjoy getting your fingers covered in cheese, Taco Bell is also introducing these new Steakhouse Nachos that are topped with strips of steak, beans, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and queso.

So what exactly is queso?


While Taco Bell already has a nacho cheese sauce, this will be the first time they serve queso, a Tex-Mex style cheese sauce made from blending two different types of cheese with cream, an onion base, and sweet and spicy peppers.

Nacho cheese, on the other end of the spectrum, is made entirely of processed cheese.

You can find these new items available nationwide at participating Taco Bell locations.