Gratuitous Food Porn: National Burger Month Edition


There are few things in this world as evidently beautiful as a hamburger. Simultaneously fluffy and smooth, juicy and cheesy, over-the-top and coolly lowkey, a good burger is nothing short of a masterpiece. With 15 days left of National Burger Month and 11 days until Memorial Day, it’s high time we slowed down and appreciated the good things in life. Here, have some noms on us.


The Ultimate Steak House Burger


Recipe: Pass the Sushi



The Frito Pie Burger


Recipe: Jason and Shawnda



Eggs Benedict Burger


Recipe: Jason and Shawnda



Spaghetti Burger


Recipe: She Knows



Broccoli Spiked Rarebit Burger


Recipe: Girl Carnivore


Steakhouse Mushroom Burger with Creamed Spinach Sauce


Recipe: Pink Parsley


Long Boy “Burgers”


Recipe: Sunshine and Bones


Salmon Burgers


Recipe: Ezra Pound Cake


Grilled Portobello and Peach Burger


Recipe: Design Sponge


Caprese Burger


Recipe: The Parsley Thief


Fajita Burger


Recipe: Good Life Eats


Jamaican Jerk Burger


Recipe: Season with Spice


Grilled Blue Cheese and Bacon Basil Turkey Burgers


Recipe: Coupon Clipping Cook


Fried Chicken Burger


Recipe: Mongolian Kitchen


White Bean Burger with Rosemary and Sundried Tomatoes


Recipe: Not Without Salt


Goat Cheese Burger


Recipe: Blog Resipi


Deep Fried Gravy Burger


Picthx Endless Simmer


Crispy Cheese Burger Sliders


Recipe: Coupon Clipping Cook


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Celebrity Grub

Chef Gordon Ramsay Plans Las Vegas Steak House

Paris Las Vegas has just announced that world-renown celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will be opening a new restaurant inside their iconic hotel and casino in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and is set to open in Spring 2012. Gordon Ramsay’s Steak will replace Les Artistes Steakhouse at the Paris Hotel and Casino and will feature a multitude of different menu items, as well an ambiance that highlights elements of Ramsay’s hometown of London.

The Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare star says the restaurant will feature a wide array of beef cuts, along with a sizable collection of seafood options including a classic English dish, Fish and Chips. The restaurant will also feature the chef’s signature Shepard’s Pie in its menu. The beef used in each dish will be aged in a unique process under the direction of Chef Ramsay and his culinary team.

The restaurant itself will seat 274 people at a time, not including a copious bar area where guests are encouraged to relax and enjoy the London-esque atmosphere Ramsay plans to achieve for his restaurant.


Burger King Reveals Industry-First Stuffed Burger

2011 is the year for Burger King to prove itself following a shaky 2010 calendar year. No more than a week in, we now have news of a Jalapeño & Cheddar BK Stuffed Steakhouse burger. While an official announcement hasn’t been made via Burger King, the sandwich has been spotted at several locations with a price tag of $3.99 a la carte, with a marketing slogan explaining: “In it. Not on it.” The sandwich is highlighted by cheese and jalapeños that are stuffed right into the beef patty’s center, and further topped with a creamy poblano sauce, lettuce and tomato. No word if there will be any other “stuffed steakhouse” burger varieties, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further information from Burger King.