Feel Good Sweets Video

Girl Scout And Dad Remix ‘Redbone’, Go Viral, Crush Fundraising Goal

“Now stay woke, buy these cookies.”

That’s the message behind a viral cover of Childish Gambino’s Redbone, sung by Seymore Harrison Jr. and his Girl Scout daughter, Charity Joy. The two created a video of them remixing the song to help Charity sell boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

According to FOX News, Charity wanted to sell more than 1,300 boxes so that she and her family could get a trip to Disney. Charity’s mom, Patrice Harrison, reportedly said that “She had been to Disney this past summer but I became [extremely] ill while there and was hospitalized and my husband was out of town so she wanted to reach her goal to go as a family.”

Thanks to the Girl Scout Redbone remix, Charity has easily surpassed her goal, and needs just a couple hundred more to hit 5,000 boxes sold. That milestone will help her and her troop “learn and grow,” according to Charity’s page on the Girl Scouts website. She wants to “learn to get rid of the box and change the game when it comes to cookie sales.”

Those that want to help Charity’ campaign exceed the next milestone can buy cookies off of her page. You’ll need to buy four or more boxes of cookies, which cost $4-$6 each.