Map Of The US Shows Us Which Pizza-less States To Avoid

You finally save enough vacation days, gas money and decide it’s about time to take that cross-country road trip. If you’re a lover of pizza, you’ll want to know which states to hit when your cruising through and which states are simply not worth your pizza-lovin’ time.

Estately did some research and created a graphic that shows the amount of pizza shops in every state in the US.


As you can see, the East Coast is where you wanna be when it comes to pizza with West Virginia taking the #1 title. Surprisingly, there are a few states we wouldn’t think would have so many pizzerias. Really? Ohio?

Nevada probably makes sense since it’s a vacation hotspot.

Our very own California is towards the bottom of that list at #41 with Hawaii in very last place. Wonder how many ham and pineapple spots are actually in the Hawaiian Islands.

Graphic: Enstately


[INFOGRAPHIC] Pairing The Right Beer With The Perfect Stadium Food Across the US


Baseball season has officially begun and fans are flocking to the stadiums. It’s safe to say there will be loads of drinking and snacking.

Let’s Grab a Beer designed an infographic detailing all the popular drinks at major baseball stadiums across the United States. From Pilsner to lager to ale, each beer is paired with a stadium food they think it goes best with. Sure, you won’t find a Churro Dog or even a deep-fried Dodger Dog, but some of these choices aren’t half bad.

We could definitely go for some Pale Ale and pastrami right about now.


Long Beach, CA Ranks #1 in the Nation in Ice Cream Consumption [INFOGRAPHIC]

Utilizing the total number of credit card transactions at ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, data aggregation company Bundle has compiled a list of the top ten cities in America in order of ice cream consumption.

Split between the most ice cream-crazy cities and states, the data compares the top ten with ice cream consumption of the average American.

Surprisingly, Long Beach, CA comes in first place for the city that eats and spends the most on ice cream in the nation. According to the study, Long Beach natives eat 268% more ice cream and spend 1061% more on frozen treats than the average American. Compared to the other cities on the top ten, Long Beach spends about 5 times more than any one else. For comparison figures, citizens of Fort Worth, TX spend 225% above average, where the citizens of Columbus, OH spend 200% above average.

First on the list for states that love ice cream the most is the District of Columbia, where they eat 85% more ice cream than the national average. Also, at 92% more than the average American, D.C. tops the list as the state that eats ice cream most frequently.

Take a look and see if your city or state made its way into their list. Unless you’re an ant and need to a little easier, go ahead and click on the image for a higher resolution version:

[Thx: Bundle]