Watch 3 Minutes of Nerf Gun-Toting Candy Cartel Action [VIDEO]

Candy Cartel

From the dudes that brought you Office Warfare: Nerf Gun, comes a look at the dark, violent world of candies. The YouTube channel FinalCutKing welcomed another addition to the Nerf Gun saga, this time based around everyday sweets.

Titled “The Candy Cartel,” the video focuses on a candy exchange gone awry. While I won’t spoil it for you, the Candy Cartel is three minutes of action-packed, Nerf Gun-toting, candy-flying action. The video features appearances from many famous brands out there including Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, Pixy Stix, 100 Grand, Skittles, Sprees, Angry Birds Candy and a ton more.

Next time you’re binging on a bag of candy, take a moment and think of all the spilled blood a sweet tooth can cause. In the meantime, enjoy some sweet, senseless candy violence.


Here’s What a Mini Starburst Candy Looks Like [VIDEO]

For those of us born in the 90’s, we associate Starburst with that commercial where a chick unwraps one of those cuboid candies with her tongue. The concept was brilliant and simple, driving home the idea that the iconic Starburst wrapper is just as important as the candy itself. The ad stuck with many of us, and sometimes, when no one’s looking, we’ll pop a wrapped Starburst in our mouth and attempt to un-peel the wrapper with just our tongue. In that moment of nostalgia, we’re kids again, watching that same commercial right before the next episode of Hey Arnold!

Of course, even the best things in life are bound to change. As the “mini” trend begins to grow, so do many of our classic snacks. Wrigleys announced plans to roll out new Starburst Minis, smaller, bite-sized versions of the original that will be available nationwide as both a movie-theater ready “Share Size” (~ $1.59)  and a stand-up pouch (~$2.59).




While the company assures longtime fans that the new version will “hold the same big, juicy bursts of flavor found in Starburst Originals,” the biggest difference remains in the packaging. Starburst Minis come “unwrapped,” meaning these new treats are shedding the iconic red, yellow, pink and orange wrappers.

Fret not, 90’s kids, this doesn’t mean that the original won’t still be available. You’ll soon be able to swoop up a row of the OG and take that trip down memory lane.