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New Starburst Duos Combine Two Flavors Into The Same Piece Of Colorful Candy

Starburst is known for its various fruity flavors and neon-like hues, such as their vibrant pink strawberry or the almost blinding yellow lemon. Their newest creation takes two of these flavors, as well as a pair of colors, and jams them together into the same candy.

Called Starburst Duos, the candies will be sold in packages featuring two different blends. The first one brings together strawberry and watermelon, while the second is a mixture of blue raspberry and lemonade. As Team Yellow Starburst for life, I’m partial to the latter, but both are pretty fruity.

You’ll see more advertising and notice on these come summertime, but you can already find the new Starburst Duos in major retailers nationwide. They’re in small Single Packs (pictured above) for $0.99 each as well as larger bags for $3.19.

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Skittles Is Heating Things Up With First Ever Spicy Flavor

Fans of Skittles and Starburst will be happy to know that the two are planning to spice things up with their new flavors.

A new Sweet Heat line exists according to People, and we could see it as soon as this winter.

Those who attended the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago got a first look at the new candy, as that’s where Wrigley decided to debut the fiery snacks.

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According to reports, the Skittles will still have a fruity core, and the five flavors within will consist of Fiery Watermelon, Blazin’ Mango, Flamin’ Orange, Sizzlin’ Strawberry, and Lemon Spark.

The Starburst flavors will be similar, with a Fiery Watermelon of their own, Strawberry Mango, Flamin’ Orange, and Pipin’ Pineapple.

The pricing will be similar to the rest of their products, as single packs for both will be $0.99, and a bag will be about $3.19.

Now we can taste the muy caliente rainbow.


Woman Saved 4 Years Of Starburst Wrappers To Make A Dress

You probably remember the girl who made a wedding dress out of Taco Bell wrappers, but someone just took that idea to the next level.

Artist and designer Emily Seilhamer spent that last four years of her life saving 10,000 Starburst wrappers just so she could transform them into a stylish, and colorful dress.

It wasn’t by accident, as she literally saved the wrappers for this occasion, kind of as an homage to how she and her husband met. The first time these two locked eyes, Emily’s now husband shared a pack of Starburst with her. The two even had the dress featured in their wedding, sitting right next to their gift table.

A sweet act on his part, turned into something sweeter, literally.

Once family and friends got word, they did their part to help by giving her wrappers of their own.

When she finally had enough wrappers, she organized them by color, ironed them out, and started linking them like chains. With elastic thread, and some sewing skills, Seilhamer, was able to put together a legit dress.

Seilhamer has a knack for recycling things into dresses, as she recently turned her grandparents’ old flowered kitchen wallpaper into a dress as well.

The couple should totally keep collecting enough wrappers to make a tuxedo, and recite their vowels in complete Starburst-wear. Just sayin’.

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Taco Bell Adds A Cherry Starburst Freeze To Its Menu


After devouring a meal of Doritos Locos Tacos, Quesaritos and Crunchwraps, you’re kind of in the mood for something cold and sweet. So when Taco Bell introduce the original Starburst Strawberry Freeze last year, they got our attention. Now, another contender has stepped into the ring: Starburst Cherry Freeze.

The new Starburst Freeze flavor is set to hit Taco Bell’s Thursday, Sept. 24, nationwide. A regular freeze is available for $1.99 and a large for $2.29.

Patrons are asked to compare the two flavors and blast social media with their preferences. Taco Bell is coining the challenge: #TeamPink or #TeamRed?

Meanwhile, #TeamBajaBlast sips quietly in the corner.

Fast Food

Starburst Strawberry Freeze Now Available at Taco Bell


Taco Bell announced on their Facebook page that they will be launching their new Starburst Freeze on Thursday, Oct. 9. After heralding the release to their fans, the fast food chain assured them, “It’s okay, you can freak out now.” We are indeed freaking out, Taco Bell.

The first flavor, of what presumably will be expanded if successful, is Starburst Strawberry Freeze. Fans of the Starburst soft-taffy candy will be pleased to know that the Freezes do in fact taste remarkably like pink Starbursts. Nice.

Starburst Freeze will be available at all Taco Bell locations throughout the U.S. They are available for purchase in 16- and 20-ounce cups. Customers can also show up during the Happy Hour window of 2pm-5pm daily and get a regular Freeze drink for $1.

So…get one now and come back again at 2?


Count the Rainbow: How Many Of Each Color are in Your Favorite Pack of Candy?

There’s nothing quite like reaching into the bottom of a pack of Skittles and discovering — yes! You’ve still got one red left. And while we can’t promise this will be the breakdown each and every time (nor can we promise you’ll always be so lucky), we do hope this nifty little infographic will at least give you some idea of what to expect. Bonne chance!


*Standard 3-5 ounce theatre-size box used in all cases.


Boston Massacre Dessert Hamburger


I’m always a fan of food items that look one way, but will most likely taste a completely different way. This one walks that line quite finely, but I’m it sure tastes absolutely delectable! We’re looking at a beautifully constructed dessert hamburger made of a sliced n doughnut bun, colored coconut “lettuce”, Boston cream “mayo”, smooshed Starburst “cheese” and of course the two mint patty “hamburgers”.