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New Starburst Duos Combine Two Flavors Into The Same Piece Of Colorful Candy

Starburst is known for its various fruity flavors and neon-like hues, such as their vibrant pink strawberry or the almost blinding yellow lemon. Their newest creation takes two of these flavors, as well as a pair of colors, and jams them together into the same candy.

Called Starburst Duos, the candies will be sold in packages featuring two different blends. The first one brings together strawberry and watermelon, while the second is a mixture of blue raspberry and lemonade. As Team Yellow Starburst for life, I’m partial to the latter, but both are pretty fruity.

You’ll see more advertising and notice on these come summertime, but you can already find the new Starburst Duos in major retailers nationwide. They’re in small Single Packs (pictured above) for $0.99 each as well as larger bags for $3.19.