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This Japanese Starbucks Reserve Has an All You Can Eat Buffet

Photo: Starbucks Japan

As reported by SoraNews24, there’s a Starbucks Reserve location in Japan that houses an all you can eat buffet. The news certainly is jaw dropping — low enough to accommodate whatever I’d eat there — given that one can eat their fill at a Starbucks, of all places.

According to the report, unlike many other all you can eat joints, there is no time limit at this Starbucks Reserve to stuff your self with all of its goodies.

This AYCE haven is specifically the Starbucks Reserve Ginza Marronnier-dori store, where diners can expect to indulge in food like pizzas, frittatas, sausages, cold cuts, cheese and more. Just head to the Apericena restaurant on the second floor to start your journey towards a satisfied appetite.

This buffet, however, differs from normal formats in the way that restaurant staff will fill your plates up for you at the designated food counters. All-you-can-eat diners can simply flash a designated tag to let staff know that you’re there for the AYCE option.

If you’re keen to check out Apericena, know that reservations are strongly recommended, as the restaurant is extremely popular and fills up quickly. Reservations open a week in advance, so act fast and secure that all you can eat dream for yourself – all at the reasonable cost of 3,080 yen or $24.57USD.

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These 5 Fast Food Chains Have Halted Operations in Russia

On February 24th, Russia launched a coordinated attack on the country of Ukraine. The attack is the latest in a long and complex history between the two countries, which involves on-going conflict dating back to 1922. In an effort to impede Russia’s invasion, the western world has banded together. News reports that the Russian economy is taking a hit due to sanctions being imposed, but signs of cease fire have yet to show.

Social media has helped to raise worldwide awareness of the Ukrainian plight and inspire many to support. From individuals with small platforms to major outlets, everyone is standing with Ukraine. Aside from sanctions, food is another industry taking a hit in Russia as many major chains have chosen to halt local operations. Below I’ve compiled a list of fast food chains that have suspended operations in Russia. 

Photo: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose


The godfather of all fast food chains, McDonald’s, just announced that they are temporarily closing their 850 locations in Russia. This is particularly significant due to McDonald’s being one of the longest running western fast food chains in the country, first opening in 1990. Unlike here in the states where most McDonald’s are franchises, in Russia, 84% are owned by McDonalds. With an employee-base of 62,000, the decision to halt operations dealt a major blow.

Photo: Achim Hepp


With 130 licensed locations in Russia and Ukraine, Starbucks has become somewhat of a staple. Following McDonald’s announcement to temporarily suspend operations, they joined in solidarity. While a cease fire is uncertain, Starbucks will continue to provide support for their employees through the suspension period.

Photo By: SarychevaEkaterina

KFC, Taco Bell & Pizza Hut

Yum! Brands Inc., which owns KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut has also decided to shut down their operations. In Russia, there’s over 1,000 KFC locations and 50 Pizza Huts. Previously, the company had been opening 100 new KFC locations each year. This drastic shift is sure to be felt in Russia’s belly.

Photo By: Ildar Sagdejev

Papa Johns

Well known and loved worldwide, Papa Johns has 186 locations in Russia, or 8% of all the chain’s restaurants. Condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine, they’ve also decided to stop all operational, marketing and business support to the Russian market.

Photo By: Coolcaesar

Panda Express

The latest fast food chain joining in protest against Russia’s actions is Panda Express. They’ve chosen to not only cease current business operations in the country, but future plans as well. To show further support, they’re partnering with the Red Cross to provide essential aid to Ukrainian refugees with a pledge of up to $2 million through the Panda Cares Foundation fundraising program and a dollar-for-dollar corporate match.

In addition to fast food, beverage giants Coca Cola and Pepsi have both halted operations in Russia. They’re joined by a broad range of companies unifying in defiance of Russia’s actions and in support of the Ukrainian people.

While talks of cease fire have unfortunately stalled, we all wait in hope that this war reaches a peaceful end.


Starbucks Adds First-Ever Energy Drink To Grocers And Coffee Shops

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks has long been a chief purveyor of caffeine, but for the first time ever, the coffee colossus is infusing the substance into energy drinks.

Their new brand, Baya, is part of the North American Coffee Partnership, a decades-long partnership between Starbucks and Pepsico that’s behind Starbucks’ ability to sell drinks in grocery stores.

Baya is trying to sell itself on two different nutrients: Caffeine extracted from coffee fruit and Vitamin C as a source of antioxidants. Each can has 90 calories and 160 mg of caffeine, which is less caffeine than a tall cup of Pike Place Roast.

This makes it less akin to a Monster or Rockstar energy drink, but more similar to brands like Bai, which also uses coffee extract as part of its energy source.

Baya is debuting in grocery stores in three different flavors: Mango Guava, Raspberry Lime, and Pineapple Passionfruit. Starting in March 2022, you can also pick up cans of Baya in Starbucks coffee shops nationwide.

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Starbucks’ Holiday Menu Includes a New Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte

It’s Red Cup Season! And with that comes Starbucks’ new Holiday menu. The highlight of the lineup is the new Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte, which joins returning fan favorites and new holiday cups.

The Ice Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte is Starbuck’s first-ever non-dairy coffee option for the holidays. This cozy new offering is made up of Sugar Cookie-flavored syrup blended with Starbucks Blonde Espresso, ice, and creamy almondmilk, which is then crowned with festive-colored cookie sprinkles

The holiday drinks that will be making a return are the Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha and Irish Cream Cold Brew.

Treats are a highlight of the new seasonal menu as well, featuring a new Reindeer Cake Pop, Sugar Plum Danish, Cranberry Bliss Bar and Snowman Cookie.

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Detroit Lions Coach Dan Campbell’s Starbucks Order Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Between declaring that his players will bite a knee cap off and wanting a pet lion be present during team practices, the Detroit Lions’ head coach Dan Campbell has been a lightning rod for eyebrow-raising quotes this past year. However, him recently sharing his daily order at Starbucks might give us some insight on why he’s wired to say such outlandish things. Key word, wired.

“I’ll get two Venti, of the Pike, with two shots in it. That’s what I come in with, that’s how I start my day.”

While a Venti is only 20-ounces, instead of the 40 claimed in the Tweet above, an added total of 12-ounces of espresso shots makes for 52-ounces of jet fuel coursing through this man’s veins. That might explain the whole pet lion thing and his appetite for kneecaps.

Will this heart-stopping order become the next Starbucks craze? They could very well capitalize on it, call it The Lion Tamer or something.

But then again, the coffee chain could likely catch a case once that dark roast gasoline catches a body.

Feature photo: Steven King /Icon Sportswide via Getty Images

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Starbucks Japan Debuting 47 New Frappuccinos to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Photos: Starbucks Japan

Starbucks Japan is turning 25 this year and they’re celebrating it in a big way by debuting 47 new Frappucinos, one for every prefecture in the country.

The promotion is dubbed “47 Jimoto Frappuccino,” with “jimoto” translating as “local”. Each of the 47 special flavors draw on distinct ingredients unique to each of the prefectures.

With an occasion this momentous, Starbucks Japan made sure that all 47 of these Jimoto Frappuccinos are dynamic and lively celebrations in a cup. Such visually arresting drinks include the Kanagawa Frappuccino which uses butterfly pea tea syrup to embody the seaside prefecture, and the Hokkaido Frappuccino, which uses a white base of milk and sugar cane to create the prefecture’s distinct ski slopes.

The celebration will last from June 30th to August 3rd, with each drink costing ¥669 JPY (approximately $6 USD). Each unique Frappuccino can only be purchased at its respective prefecture, so make sure to refer to the full offering of beverages by heading over to Starbucks Japan’s website.

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Starbucks Confirms Ingredient Shortage Currently Keeping Some Items Out Of Stock

Photo: Boyloso // Shutterstock

Over the past couple of weeks, videos have been circulating on TikTok reporting that Starbucks locations are suffering supply shortages. Many are unable to sell upwards of a couple dozen items, scaling back the typically broad menu of beverages and treats the coffee colossus has to offer.


working at Starbucks during a shortage! #starbucks #starbucksbarista #starbucksshortage #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

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Many of these happen to be flavors like Guava or Peach, but also extend to plant-based dairy options like oat milk, food items like breakfast sandwiches, and even packaging like venti cups.


Please be kind to your baristas in these trying times #starbucksshortage #barista #starbucks #comedy

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Foodbeast looked at a couple of Starbucks locations in Southern California, and found the claims on TikTok to match up. The most affected items seem to be some fruit flavors (ie. guava) as well as milk options like oatmilk. No one single category on the Starbucks menu was completely out of items, however.

Starbucks all but confirmed the shortages in a push notification sent to Starbucks app users. The chain cited “current supply shortages” and noted that some items might be out of stock as a result.

Many commodities in the United States, including boba and even Grape Nuts at one point, have had shortages in supply thanks to shipping constraints related to the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of it stems from industry-wide practices to only keep as much inventory on hand as needed. Called “Just In Time” inventory processing, the tactic has harshly limited availability as shipping backlogs cause warehouses that didn’t stock up beforehand to run out of stock.

It has taken a while to see the effects on some industries, but it’s been a growing and repeating pattern for 2021.

There’s no clear timetable on when these shortages will end yet, but for now, if your favorite drink is missing from the Starbucks menu, it might be time to try something different.

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Starbucks Adds Oatly Oat Milk To Menus Nationwide

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Since before its proliferation across the country, oatmilk has been regarded as one of the top tier dairy substitutes. It can parallel milk on consistency and creaminess, but also doesn’t mask too many of the flavors you infuse into it.

With the craze oatmilk has garnered across the US, it was only a matter of time until major chains added it. Starbucks has officially hopped onto the hype train and teamed with top oatmilk brand Oatly to bring the plant-based alternative nationwide.

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Oatly will be available as a milk alternative for any of Starbucks’ coffee options, but also comes with its own special drinks. New to Starbucks’ menu is the Honey Oatmilk Latte, as well as an Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso.

The new addition marks the 4th plant-based milk Starbucks has added to its menu, and the first its incorporated since 2016, when almond milk joined the ranks.

For the oatmilk industry, this marks the second major coffee brand to have added oat-based dairy into their arsenal. Dunkin’ teamed up with Planet Oat in the summer of 2020 to create their own national lineup of oatmilk beverages.

Plant-based milk will continue to grow in popularity as places like Starbucks add these options, meaning that folks who can’t have dairy or are vegan will find their lifestyles more accessible and affordable. The only question remaining is what plant milk will be the next craze.