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Starbucks Unveils Color-Changing Lemonade Tea Cold Brew And We’re Confused

Starbucks has released its latest Instagram beverage creation in Asia: A lemonade / tea / cold brew hybrid that’ll leave you tongue-tied and confused.

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The drink, called the Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew, is a triple-layered beverage featuring each of the three popular drinks in succession. It begins with a butterfly peaflower tea, topped with lemonade, and then finished off with cold brew coffee. While butterfly peaflower is normally used to provide a blue coloring to foods, it apparently reacts with the lemonade here to give off a violet hue instead.

The color contrast is built for Instagram, and hearkens to the Unicorn Lemonade Foodbeast’s Isai Rocha found on Reddit during the height of the Unicorn Frappuccino release. The combination of drinks also allows for swirl-like effects to float throughout the drink, making it more visually enlightening.

It sounds like an odd beverage, though, and one would think that the combo of lemonade, tea, and coffee may not work. However, according to those who’ve already left their reviews on Twitter, the lemonade tea cold brew combo has some potential.

The reviews aren’t all sunshine and rainbows, however.

While the drink may elicit WTF reactions at first glance, it might be wise to honor the old adage and not knock it till we try it. If it ever comes to the United States, that is, since the beverage is only available in Starbucks Asia locations for a limited time.