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We Tried Starbucks’ New Crystal Ball Frappuccino Early, This Is How It Tastes

Ever since news broke earlier this week about the new Crystal Ball Frappuccino from Starbucks, people have been going nuts about it. Some have even gone as far as to say it’s the new “Unicorn Frappuccino.” With all the buzz this unreleased item has already generated, we had to go snag a couple of Frapps early to try for ourselves.

crystal ball frappuccino

After sampling the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, I think it’s safe to say that it does taste better than the Unicorn (whose sweet-and-sour combo was revolting). The drink is still way too sweet, though, and the peach flavor from the whipped cream and blended ice definitely comes on strong. Although the colorful swirl has a white mocha flavor, you don’t really pick it up, so the medicinal strength of the peach flavor dominates and further boosts the drink’s sweetness.

Here’s what other members of the Foodbeast squad had to say about it:

“It tasted like amoxicillin, minus the pink.” – Reach Guinto, managing editor

“The drink reminds me of one of those fruity cereals. I can’t quite pinpoint which one, though.” – Oscar Gonzalez, video producer

“You know what this tastes like? Those peach gummy rings!” – Ricky Zollinger, video producer

While it beats the Unicorn on taste, to me, the Crystal Ball is nowhere near as photogenic. To be fair, the frozen beverage follows the hallmarks of the Starbucks Instagram Frappuccino model. It’s got a vibrant, turqouise white mocha swirl to add some pop and contrast, and is glittered with one of three different candy gem hues on top.

Other than that, the rest of the drink is a plain white, which means that the turquoise swirl contrasts well, but doesn’t have the sharp color differences the Unicorn had that set it apart. In the words of Evan Lancaster, our social media guru, “it looks like another Starbucks drink.”

The Crystal Ball Frappuccino may not be as colorful as the Unicorn, but the color contrasts should still make it look dope on social media feeds. And if you’re down with peach creme frapps, and don’t mind an extra hit of sugar, you won’t take a single sip and throw it in the trash, like most people did with the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Starbucks baristas have independently confirmed to Foodbeast that the new drink drops on March 22nd and will be around for four days, so if you want it on your social feeds, make sure to snag it during that time window.

Photos by Peter Pham. Featured Image by Evan Lancaster. 

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Secret “IT Frappuccino” Lurking At Starbucks Is A Barista’s Worst Nightmare

Starbucks’s new Zombie Frappuccino may be getting all of the Instagram hype right now, but there’s another spooky-themed beverage that customers have been begging for across the nation as well. Called the “IT Frappuccino,” this spooky drink inspired by Pennywise the clown has already got baristas groaning.

Technically, the IT Frappuccino isn’t a real Starbucks beverage. It was invented by beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Daisy Marquez, who teamed up with a Los Angeles location of the coffee giant to make the frozen drink. It’s simple enough to make, considering it’s just a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino with strawberry puree swirled around the side. However, a photo captured by Marquez reveals an extra advertising claim from the Starbucks franchise that’s confused fans and pissed off baristas.

To the store in California that is serving the”IT” Frappuccino… from starbucks

By offering the vanilla bean scone on the side, several fans wanting to get a hold of the IT Frappuccino have asked their baristas to blend the baked good directly into their drink. While some stores have complied with the request, it’s apparently a HUGE no-no, as company policy says that you can’t blend baked goods into customers’ drinks. Of course, not everybody understood that, and it’s led to some not-so-pleasant scenarios.

Moral of the story: if you do order the IT Frappuccino, make sure you tell your baristas what goes in it (a vanilla bean creme frap with strawberry puree on the outside). If you want the scone, get it, but please, don’t ask the Starbucks staff to blend it into your drink, cause that ain’t happening.

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Starbucks Officially Drops A Limited Mermaid Frappuccino In Mexico

When Starbucks officially released their Unicorn Frappuccino, it was only available for a week before disappearing back into mythicality. Now, they’re trying to recreate that virality with a new Mermaid Frappuccino that’s only around for a short time.

Starbucks just dropped the new Instagram-worthy creation in Mexico stores, where it will be around for one week.

While a “secret menu” Mermaid Frappuccino already exists, it’s nothing like Starbucks’ new creation. The official version is a melon creme Frappuccino that rests underneath blue vanilla whipped cream, pink and blue sugar crystals, and violet candy pearls.

For those of you hoping for a U.S. release, the company has confirmed it won’t be happening, unfortunately. The new drink is something Americas would love, but stores here don’t carry the necessary ingredients to make it, so you can’t even ask for it as a special request.

So if you’re hoping to get a taste of this mystical beverage, I’d head down to Mexico before it disappears in a week.

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Starbuck’s Just Put The Rumored Summer Fruit Frappuccinos On Their Official Menu

Image courtesy of Starbucks.

We earlier reported on the rumors of these refreshing new Frappuccinos that broke over the weekend, and we now have official confirmation from Starbucks USA that they’re real and on the menu starting TODAY.

For those of you who haven’t heard of them yet, Starbucks has decided to drop two fruity new Frapps on us just in time for the summer solstice. Each contains flavors you’d expect to find with summer, such as the lime, hibiscus, and passionfruit notes found in the Berry Prickly Pear Frappuccino or the tropical essence of the Mango Pineapple Frappuccino.

Each of the frozen drinks is built the same way: layers of fruit puree on the bottom and top, separated by a mango creme Frappuccino base. Despite all the sugar from the fruit purees and the blended creme, these Frappuccinos are actually some of the healthiest on the Starbucks menu. A grande size of each consists of 260 calories, topping only the Coffee (240 calories) and Espresso Frappuccinos (230 calories) in total energy consumed per drink.

Of course, the above fact comes with the caveat that the new drinks are loaded with sugar, containing 49-50 grams of it apiece. Nonetheless, both the Berry Prickly Pear and Mango Pineapple Frappuccinos are lower-calorie ways to enjoy Starbucks drinks while taking in the summer vibes.

They’re only going to be available for a limited time, though, so I’d rush in to try these refreshing new Frappuccinos before both of them disappear.

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Gorgeous Prickly Pear And Mango Pineapple Frappuccinos Might Be Next At Starbucks [RUMOR]

Summer may just be starting for all of us, but the heated raced for Starbucks to top their Pink Drink and Unicorn Frappuccinos is already on. According to some charmingly pesky foodies in Nevada, Starbucks is readying to launch new fruit-loaded Frappuccinos just in time for some serious summer heatwaves.

First posted and discussed by our Foodbeast tip-liners @fatclosetgirl and @ryusauce, we now have confirmation from a Starbucks location and multiple baristas that these two new Frappuccinos – the Prickly Pear Frappuccino and the Pineapple Mango Frappuccino – will be dropping nationwide starting Tuesday, June 20th.

Both frappuccinos appear to be part of an inaugural lineup called “Colors of Summer,” and will be available for a limited time once they do launch. Apparently, each consists of a mango creme frappuccino base with a special fruit puree (mango pineapple or berry and prickly pear) at the bottom and top of the blended drink. They normally don’t come with the usual whipped cream topping, but you can ask for it, according to some baristas on Reddit.

🚨NEW NEW @STARBUCKS!🚨 ⭐️LAUNCHING TUESDAY JUNE 20TH!!⭐️ 🔘Prickly Pear Frappuccino🍐 🔘Pineapple Mango Frappuccino🍍 Perfect timing for this hot Las Vegas weather!!👌🏼😅 Thank you @freeduh_, Maurisa & @starbucks10748!!🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏼 (💅🏻- @mindi_rogers👸🏼🌟) ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ #starbucks #starbuckscoffee #frappuccino #starbuckssaturday #instastarbucks #smoothie #foodporn #smoothies #eater #thrillist #bestfoodfeed #unlokt #yelplv #feedfeed #foodbeast #zagat #starvingfoodseeker #eatfamous #topfoodnews #eeeeeats #buzzfeedfood #drink #dailyfoodfeed #picoftheday #foodstagram #tryitordiet #foodie #vegaseats #blogger #spoonfeed

A post shared by Paul Ryu • Vegas Food & Drinks (@ryusauce) on

It’s fitting that these new frappes are the first to drop in the new set, because man, do they look gorgeous. I’m gonna have a hard time deciding which one to try first, that’s for sure.

We have reached out to Starbucks USA regarding the new frappuccinos to get more details and confirm what we’ve heard through the grapevine already, so stay tuned here for updates as we receive them.

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Starbucks Just Launched THREE New Instagram-Worthy Frappuccinos In Asia

Starbucks just keeps finding ways to change the beverage game while still making everything look great on Instagram.

That’s what this trio of new multi-layered Frappuccinos bring to the table. Each new drink, all of which are now being released into participating Starbucks stores across Asia, contains a third layer at the bottom that we wouldn’t expect to find.

Layered at the base of this new Irish Cream Coffee Pudding Frappuccino is… well, an Irish cream-flavored coffee pudding. The pudding is topped with a coffee Frappuccino and an espresso whipped cream coated with fine espresso grounds. Overall, you get silky pudding, cold and frothy Frapp, and light yet airy cream in each sip (if it’s possible to sip the pudding, that is).

This Matcha Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino is an curious tribute to milk tea shops that combines Asian and British teas into one. The base is a layer of Earl Grey jelly that’s topped off with matcha Frappuccino, whipped cream, and matcha powder. While I’ve never tried the combo of Earl Grey and matcha, it definitely seems interesting enough to give it a shot.

Starbucks is rounding out its new Asian drinks with this hype Banana Split Frappuccino. While there is a “secret menuversion of this drink here in the US, it’s barely similar to this more complex beverage. A bottom layer of strawberry whipped cream sets the base for a banana mocha Frappuccino that’s topped off with vanilla whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and waffle pieces.

Meant to appeal to Asian audiences that are looking for a variety of textures in what they consume, these unique drinks are definitely out-of-the-box when it comes to creativity. And that’s impressive for a company that’s developed wacky creations like the Unicorn Frappuccino.

All images courtesy of Starbucks.
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Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos Exist and They Look Like Pure Magic

Less than a week after the infamous “Pink Drink” made its way off the secret menu, Starbucks is blowing fans’ minds with the introduction of Unicorn Frappuccinos.

The unicorn food trend isn’t exactly new. From hot chocolate to grilled cheese, the edible rainbow movement has only continued to grow in 2017. With all the other specialty frappuccinos the coffee giant has offered, it’s kind of surprising they didn’t jump on the unicorn bandwagon sooner.

Rumblings about this whimsical drink started as most internet rumors do, with a Reddit post. After trolling Instagram, Twitter, and through confirmations from Starbucks Partners, it was confirmed that unlike an actual unicorn, this drink is indeed real.

It seems that ‘bucks lovers are having a hard time agreeing on the taste of this limited edition drink, which is probably because the official name of this fantastical frapp is “The Flavor Changing Unicorn Frappuccino.” Most reviews of the magical drink liken the taste to tropical Skittles. According to Starbucks Barista, @TheChubbyBandit, the frappuccino is made with “a mango creme frappuccino with a couple of pink powder scoops, sour blue syrup drizzle, and whipped cream sprinkled with blue and pink powder.”

Through the power of social media, perhaps this Insta-worthy Unicorn Frapp could follow in the Pink Drink’s footsteps to secure its own spot on the Starbucks Official Menu. Until then, be sure to grab your Unicorn Frappuccino from April 19-23.

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For This Weekend Only, Starbucks is Releasing a FRUITCAKE FRAPPUCCINO


Photo: Starbucks

In their holiday tradition of making as many new holiday-themed beverages as possible, Starbucks has revived a classic dessert in their newest drink – and you can only get it for a limited time.

From today through the rest of the weekend, Starbucks is selling a Fruitcake Frappuccino. Their tribute to this timeless holiday dessert starts off with with a Hazelnut Creme Frappuccino base. Dried fruits and cinnamon are added into the blended beverage, which finishes off with whipped cream, matcha powder, and caramel.


Photo: Delish

If Starbucks Rewards members wait until tomorrow (aka National Ugly Sweater Day) to try this new creation, they can also get an ugly sweater coozy to go with their frappuccino – similar to the one sold during last year‘s holiday promotion. Ugly sweater gingerbread cookies will also be sold tomorrow to celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day.

We got our hands on one, and it definitely tastes better than the real deal. While fruitcakes are often a flavor bomb in the worst way possible, this frappuccino is nutty and fruity without being too jarring on your palate. I ended up enjoying it, although it didn’t really taste like the fruitcakes I remember. Fellow Foodbeast Rudy gave it two and a half eggplant emojis (he usually doesn’t go higher than 5 on the Unboxed video series, so that’s about the equivalent of a “meh”).

The Fruitcake Frappuccino won’t be sold after Sunday, so make sure to head into a Starbucks and taste it for yourself.