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Secret “IT Frappuccino” Lurking At Starbucks Is A Barista’s Worst Nightmare

Starbucks’s new Zombie Frappuccino may be getting all of the Instagram hype right now, but there’s another spooky-themed beverage that customers have been begging for across the nation as well. Called the “IT Frappuccino,” this spooky drink inspired by Pennywise the clown has already got baristas groaning.

Technically, the IT Frappuccino isn’t a real Starbucks beverage. It was invented by beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Daisy Marquez, who teamed up with a Los Angeles location of the coffee giant to make the frozen drink. It’s simple enough to make, considering it’s just a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino with strawberry puree swirled around the side. However, a photo captured by Marquez reveals an extra advertising claim from the Starbucks franchise that’s confused fans and pissed off baristas.

To the store in California that is serving the”IT” Frappuccino… from starbucks

By offering the vanilla bean scone on the side, several fans wanting to get a hold of the IT Frappuccino have asked their baristas to blend the baked good directly into their drink. While some stores have complied with the request, it’s apparently a HUGE no-no, as company policy says that you can’t blend baked goods into customers’ drinks. Of course, not everybody understood that, and it’s led to some not-so-pleasant scenarios.

Moral of the story: if you do order the IT Frappuccino, make sure you tell your baristas what goes in it (a vanilla bean creme frap with strawberry puree on the outside). If you want the scone, get it, but please, don’t ask the Starbucks staff to blend it into your drink, cause that ain’t happening.

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Starbucks Baristas Share Their Most Hated On-Menu Drinks

Cheer up your holiday with this perennial favorite made with rich, steamed eggnog, signature espresso, and a dusting of nutmeg #EggnogLatte

A post shared by Starbucks Bridgeport & 100 ☕️ (@starbucksbri100) on

Your barista may like you a little less if you order one of the following beverages.

My new favorite “I HATE THIS” drink. from starbucks

In a recent discussion on Reddit, user slavetothesiren brought up an iced latte macchiato drink with heavy cream that they could absolutely not stand making because they felt the drink was “gross.” They then asked other baristas to reveal the drinks they hated to make for whatever reason. Nobody held back, with many baristas going hard after drinks on the Starbucks official menu for various reasons.

Coconut milk lattes and flat whites were widely disliked because of how hard it is to produce the foam for coconut milk.

Another one that’ll likely make a Starbucks barista hate you is the seasonal eggnog latte, which apparently causes such a terrible sound that may sometimes like something out of Star Wars.

Baristas also apparently aren’t too down with some of the tea drinks that are on the menu.

And of course, there’s always that one customer with the ridiculous custom order that has baristas pissed off to no end.

What’s crazy is that none of the above drinks are the extravagant creations typically found on Starbucks’ so-called “secret menu” that you’d find Starbucks baristas typically griping over. These are all normal drinks or drink modifications that are regularly on the menu that employees just find painful for whatever reason.

Definitely don’t order the above drinks if you’re trying to be friendly to the Starbucks staff. Baristas everywhere will be thanking you internally if you do.

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Starbucks’ Problem with Baristas Could Be Solved Through Automation

Photo: Hao Xing (Wikimedia Commons)

2017 hasn’t been a good year so far for Starbucks. Yahoo Finance reports that their same-store sales dropped two percent in the first quarter of 2017 and just held steady in the second quarter, meaning that their revenue has been taking a consistent hit over the past six months.

To make matters worse, Business Insider conducted interviews with current and former baristas who brought up complaints of understaffed stores, low paying wages, and the notion that Starbucks’ corporate branch would prefer their baristas to “act like machines.”

Baristas thus feel like they are a “hindrance” to the corporate agenda and are continually harried by customers who feel their drinks aren’t being prepared fast enough while they don’t have the manpower to keep up. Relationships that baristas once had with regulars are gone, and with trending beverages and new methods of ordering being swiftly rolled out across the country, barista morale continues to drop as the pressure to sell more drinks mounts.

It’s likely that Starbucks’ drop in sales has been a result of the issues baristas are bringing up across the workplace. Fortunately, a simple solution exists that helps increase the efficiency of a Starbucks coffee shop and lifts some weight off of their shoulders: automation.

By introducing robots to perform simple functions like brewing coffee and crafting beverages, Starbucks can keep up with new offerings by simply programming them into restaurants nationwide. Baristas could then spend their time improving customer satisfaction and restoring relationships with regular customers while the robots act like an additional staff member that simply completes customers’ orders.

The technology to accomplish this already exists. A robot coffee shop called Cafe X features a machine that can make seven different beverages, all with different custom modifications like the ones Starbucks has. While it doesn’t offer the scope or size differences the way Starbucks does, it can still make a large proportion of Starbucks’ drinks without a lot of additional programming.

Whether Starbucks can actually order and implement these robots is a question that remains to be answered, but Starbucks does have over $2 billion in cash available for potential investment opportunities. Automation should definitely be a route Starbucks considers to help its employees out, because they could aid in increasing sales by producing drinks faster and more efficiently, freeing up baristas to retain customers through friendly relationships.

It’s a bold strategy, but one that a company the size of Starbucks looking to improve sales should be willing to at least test to see if it would be a success.

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Starbucks’ New “Ombre Pink Drink” Is Already Making Baristas Cringe

A refreshing way to kick off your summer 😎💕 The #OmbrePinkDrink coming May 29! #tobeapartner #toolegitarea31

A post shared by Eureka & Pardee Starbucks (@starristas2872) on

Starbucks has a new drink coming to its official menu, and some baristas have already started complaining about it.

The new beverage is a spin off of Starbucks’ wildly popular Pink Drink, which just made it on the official menu a couple of months ago. This new version, called the “Ombre Pink Drink,” starts off with a coconut milk and Cool Lime Refresher base and is topped off with Passion Tea. Some baristas on Instagram that have been selling it a little ahead of schedule are also garnishing their drinks with slices of lime.

While this sounds like something that would be on the unofficial Starbucks “secret menu,” we do have confirmation from the Starbucks subreddit that the Ombre Pink Drink is an official beverage launching next week.

That of course, hasn’t stopped some baristas from griping about the new drink. Several apparently aren’t down with the flavor of it, although some baristas on Instagram have reportedly loved the new beverage.

One barista was also just done with Starbucks bringing in more Instagram-worthy beverages.

Regardless of how the baristas feel, you’ll be able to get your own opinion on this drink starting next week. Since some baristas have started making it already, however, there’s a chance you can get one now if you ask.