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Bring 5 of Your Favorite Sci-Fi Drinks to Life This Halloween With These Recipes


No matter what species or planet you call your own (or dress up as this Halloween), you can’t get through a dystopian society without some serious alcohol. From the Twelve Colonies to Galifrey, these drinks really take the edge off kicking ass and taking names.


Firefly – Mudder’s Milk


Photo: Cheese Magnet

The idea of Jayne Cobb being a hero might not sit right with you, but this concoction from one of the more memorable Firefly episodes… well, it might not sit right either.

Meant to serve as a meal replacement and a temporary escape from a hard-knock life, this cocktail better suits a rough Tuesday than a party.

  • 2-3 Shots of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
  • 1/2 Cup Milk
  • 1/2 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • 1/4 Cup Oatmeal
  • Honey and Cinnamon to taste
  • Ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend until consistency is smooth.


Doctor Who – The Master



Photo: weeatfilms

If you’re feeling particularly villainous, this cocktail version of the Doctor’s oldest frenemy is charismatic and deceitfully sweet. Watch the intake or, the next day, you’ll hear the drumming too.

  • 1 oz. Dark Rum
  • 1 oz. Crème de Cacao
  • 1-2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 4 oz. Coca-Cola

Combine the rum, liqueur, and bitters in a shaker over ice. Pour into a glass and top with cola.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster


Photo: Life on the Eggship

Although you can’t find all the ingredients for this cocktail on Earth, a pervasive death wish hasn’t stopped us from trying. Proceed with caution.

  • ½ oz gin
  • ½ oz light rum
  • ½ oz vodka
  • ½ oz tequila
  • 1 oz creme de menthe liqueur
  • 1 oz curacao liqueur
  • 1 oz Galliano
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 1 olive

Combine all the booze and ice in a blender. Cover, and blend until slushy. Pour into a glass and garnish with an olive. Preemptively call an ambulance.


Battlestar Galactica – Ambrosia


Photo: Pinterest

This prison-born elixir might not be the classiest drink, but when you’re running from hostile Cylons, you’re not too picky. So say we all!

  • 6 oz Midori
  • 4 oz Blue Curacao
  • 2 oz lime juice
  • ½ cup of ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend. Optional: garnish with a stemmed cherry.


Star Trek – Romulan Ale


Photo: The Trek BBS

The Federation’s version of absinthe, Romulan Ale is known as an instant drunk. There’s a reason it’s illegal.

  • 375 ml Vodka
  • 375 ml Blue Curacao
  • 375 ml Everclear

Combine ingredients in a 1.25 liter bottle. Chill in freezer for two hours. Serve in shot glasses.


Baker Decorates Each Cookie by Hand, Resulting in Edible Masterpieces


Whenever I see someone create art on a canvas of baked goods, I have to take a second and admire it. It’s actually incredibly difficult to draw something on a cake or a cookie, whether it’s simply lettering or a picture of Batman. At least from my experience. That being said, a baker recently posted some of her beautiful cookie designs on Reddit.

What’s special about them is that she goes out of her way to freehand each drawing from scratch, instead of retracing a previous piece of work. She even includes a few photos detailing her tedious process of sketching to icing each cookie.

Take a look below at some of the most gorgeous cookie art I’ve even seen.


Star Wars









Ninja Turtles









Full Process







Picthx ButterWinks!


Star Trek Pancakes, So You Can Wake Up to Spock Drizzled in Syrup

Or a panKirk. Or a… panKov. Or… an… Uhura… flapjack. You get the point. These are pancakes. And they look like the original Star Trek characters. No Piccakes (… panCards? Other pancake + Picard puns?) to be found here, but the rest of the cast, from McCoy, right on down to Sulu, salutes you in starchy, maple-syruped form. Trekkies have illustrator/pancake artist Nathan Shields to thank for this.

Yes, that’s right. A pancake artist. What, did you not know that was a thing? You’re welcome.

via Neatorama/photo courtesy Saipancakes


Star Trek Cookie Cutters Are More Fun Than Tribble Sex


Show off at your next Klingon party with these snazzy Star Trek cookie cutters. You’ll be the envy of all your Trekkie buddies when you bust out this sweet space swag. Available in your favorite intergalactic silhouettes, these kitchen gadgets include the classic Vulcan salute, Federation, U.S.S. Enterprise, Klingon Empire and Phaser shapes.

Yes, it’s one of those ultra-nerdy things you secretly want but are reluctant to buy lest your non-Trekkie friends find out. Newsflash: Nerdy is the new cool. Haven’t you ever watched Spiderman? There’s nothing sexier than scrawny boys who can serenade you with Einstein’s theory of relativity. Sigh, swoon.

Trust us, you’ll have all the green Orion hotties fawning over you in no time.


Star Trek Cookie Cutters, available for $19.99 on Think Geek.


Via Incredible Things


The Star Trek Cookbook: Eat Long and Prosperous

Got a family or group of friends that is always craving some interstellar cuisine? Well the Star Trek Cookbook, authored by Ethan Phillips and William J. Birnes sets out to cover the favorite foods of characters from every Star trek series and movie. All of which have been adapted for easy use in modern kitchens.

Also included is a complete guide for recreating the drinks served at Quark’s on Deep Space Nine, a bar opened by a member of the Ferengi race, Quark.

The book was published in 1999 and measures 317 pages. ($22.99 @ ThinkGeek)


Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink

The Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink is formulated with vitamins, ginseng and a good amount of caffeine (84mg per can). Wrapped up in a berry flavor and a maintaining a blue glow, the product description humorously refers to Romulan Ale as an illegal intoxicant in the Federation from around 2280 to 2370. To be clear, this is not an alcoholic drink, but does indeed come in 6-packs with each can carrying 8.4 fl ounces. Go ahead and do a dance Trekkies. No one is watching. ($14.99 @ ThinkGeek)


Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Trekkies, rejoice! The days of cutting pizza with your boring old knife are over, you now have an officially licensed Star Trek collectable to do accomplish such tedious tasks. This Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter comes int he form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from the original Star Trek series. Complete with a laser etched stainless steel blade with solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body. The blade measures 4 inches in diameter, with a total product length, including the blade, of 8.5 inches. The cutter weighs 277 grams and is hand wash only. Eat on! ($24.99 @ ThinkGeek)


Star Trek Starship Enterprise Meat Sculpture

Finally the trekkies and the foodies have come together! A rather crude, but cute nonetheless scultprue made from sausages, salami and sticks of meat. May the force be with you! Oh wait, that’s not right here. (PicThx Walyou)