Star Trek Cookie Cutters Are More Fun Than Tribble Sex


Show off at your next Klingon party with these snazzy Star Trek cookie cutters. You’ll be the envy of all your Trekkie buddies when you bust out this sweet space swag. Available in your favorite intergalactic silhouettes, these kitchen gadgets include the classic Vulcan salute, Federation, U.S.S. Enterprise, Klingon Empire and Phaser shapes.

Yes, it’s one of those ultra-nerdy things you secretly want but are reluctant to buy lest your non-Trekkie friends find out. Newsflash: Nerdy is the new cool. Haven’t you ever watched Spiderman? There’s nothing sexier than scrawny boys who can serenade you with Einstein’s theory of relativity. Sigh, swoon.

Trust us, you’ll have all the green Orion hotties fawning over you in no time.


Star Trek Cookie Cutters, available for $19.99 on Think Geek.


Via Incredible Things